January 3, 2010

sheila's "day tripers" scrapbook box

sheila (my mother in law) belongs to a day tripers club and a couple times a year they travel about the state and do all these fabulous & exciting things she's always talking about, my thought was, she should scrap all these exciting trips and show me! so for christmas this year i made her this day tripers scrapbook box. The box itself holds a bunch of mini scrapbooks - one for each trip she'll take this year.

made with tracy collins friends line i added a little pink - afterall it is a ladies day tripers club!

mini book 1. a tag book bound with ribbon

mini book 2. tags in an envelope

mini book 3. two very mini books in a stacked envelope (i just love these little crochet flowers and would LOVe to find someone that can make them! - maybe for a little traid off - there just sooo pricy at a scrap store)

very mini one is a heavy chip board book made for a picture or two and a little writing or maybe a ticket stub saved from a fun event.

very mini book 2 is a acoordian book with ribbon attachments

this was a fun and easy book!

mini book 4. is hidden in an envelope

envelope back (i made the tie with a curcle punch, brads and cross-stitching floss)

the inside - pulling out the mini -

mini book 5. an classic styled chipboard mini book with two rings

mini book 6. another classic mini made of cardstock and three metal rings

this was a fun book /box to make and i'm looking forward to seeing all the little momentos from all her trips she's going to add throughout the year!

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