February 25, 2011

3 weeks to go

with only 3 weeks to go there are all kinds of emotions i'm starting to feel
and desperately in love
in love with my dress
the decor details
the help and support of the loved ones around me
but mostly the love i have for eric
this is going to be something amazing and beautiful 
and we're both so excited!

shamrock pops

to keep this one short and sweet
here's this weeks happenings

mom came over we & worked on 
ceremony chair decor
and my favorite thing of the day - a complete dress rehearsal for me bouquet and all!
eric took me out to dinner and for fun we took the bike! yikes! (i wore a full helmet!)

president's day
eric was off and we slept in 
and i took the 1st "day off"all year!
didn't even get out of bed till noon
then i ignored all the dirty dishes and the spilling over laundry
and played video games and wore jammies
it was fanfreakingtastic!

lots of running around
dry cleaning drop off
grocery shopping
get started on that laundry pile.. yikes!
and a couple other boring things

it was an early release at school 
so basically i worked out then picked up alex
of course it was the premier of ANTM (america's next top model)
which i watched simultaneously with my sister in law while we skyped and talked about it during the commercials - not like we like the show or anything.. :)
after which i immediately tuned over to american idol which i'm totally into this year

3 week's to go today! 
sheila came over and we made shamrock pops
that was soo much fun! they are white chocolate and green swirled
with just a couple solid green for a pop of color 
and we might of had a few ourselves... 
they're going to be a fantastic touch to my very DIY wedding

February 20, 2011

nordstums & sex on the beach

today was amazing! mom and i went shopping
and decided we should have lunch right away!
we went to the pub
she had a "pimm" with fish and chips
i had a sex and the city martini with shepherd's pie
it was amazing!
after that it was nordstroms!
where i got these for getting ready the day of 
and wearing here and there just for fun
after visiting several stores mom ended up getting earrings and a bracelt for the wedding 
but we're both still looking for reception shoes
my main prob is i don't want white white or a metallic i'd like a champagne or ivory color maybe some sparkle who knew they would be so hard to find!
any ideas of shoes i should wear for my reception? 

when i got home in the mail there was a single RSVP
which was yet another "you're in luck" answer!
we're now officially over the quest amount i thought would RSVP!
i'm so excited that so many friends and family are taking time on a weekday for our wedding
also got my just for redhead order in the mail!
that was fast!
well, things are really coming along great for the wedding 
and mom is coming over tomorrow for another day of crazy fun time madness! 
so i'm gonna hit the hay early (well, its already after midnight) but tomorrow 
i'm going to start thinking about getting some honeymoon clothes! 
haven't even thought about that! geez!
so i'll send ya a shout out on the morrow

February 18, 2011


just discovered some new websites i'm in love with and thought i would share them with you

these sites are so much fun even if you're not panning your wedding!

26 days to go

this is the first weekend i haven't any huge plans
with the exception of sunday with mom (which has been an ongoing tradition)
so, i think its the perfect time to relax and play catch up with all the little details i've been letting fall behind. 

with that in mind today started off at 7:30am then i decided that was dump so about 9am i went back to bed! before i know it ~  it was silly late and couldn't believe i was still in bed 
so my day started and this is the somewhat boring details of the beggening of my weekend
  • grapefruit juice and a great workout while watching "while you were sleeping" 
  • lots of laundry (which i'm really excited about having all my bras clean again!
  • steam cleaned the entry way and vacuumed
  • cleaned out the dog & cat dishes
  • blogged (yay) about time!
  • home goods - yes, again! bought some starfish ~ this is the coolest project! can't wait to show you what i do with these babies. its going to be gorgeous! 
  • sally beauty supply for hair extensions - which are going to be gorgeous!
  • picked up my 8x10 picture of our engagement photo -which is now in the frame and it looks great! can't wait to get the others scraped!
  • we also decided on our first dance song (finally!) now the only song we have left to decide on is the bouquet toss of course then there's filling out all the paperwork!
  • oh! i almost forgot i went to micheal's and got 10 wooded dowels & 5 spools of green & ivory ribbon - so i'm gonna get on and start working an this project!

26 days to go & dreaming

as we're in the less then 1 month to go ~ the nerves have offically set in - the funny thing is as excited as eric and i are - i think we're both honestly a little nervous (in a good way of course)
we keep needing a LOT of sleep and are having the kookiest dreams! mine was of hyenas and frogs - i was terrified of the frogs and not at all of the hyenas 
so i looked it up in the dream dictionary what this could possibly mean 
this is what it said

dreaming of a hyena: suggests that you are overwhelmed with responsibilities.(um.. yes this could be very true!)

dreaming of frogs: to see a frog in your dream, represents a potential for change or the unexpected. The frog may be a prince in disguise and thus, signify transformation, renewal or rebirth. Alternatively, the frog symbolizes uncleanness or fertility. To see frogs leaping in your dream, indicate your lack of commitment. You have a tendency to jump from one thing to another. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are taking major steps toward some goal. It parallels your progress.

wow! that's totally crazy for me to discover! BTW i've had the same dream 3 times! 
but last nights was a little different i went to the exotic grocery store/market - i think it was in the Indies or something they had amazing foods - but i couldn't get away from the BBQ buffet they had - yup you heard exotic market and i wanted the BBQ sausage!
ok  this was another dream that for sure needed to be looked up!

BBQ: To dream of a barbecue, refers to a minor issue or transformation occurring in your waking life.
To dream that you are barbecuing, symbolizes togetherness, relaxation, and ease.
meat: To eat or cook meat in your dream, suggests that you are getting to the heart of the matter. You are recognizing and utilizing your instinctual energies. Alternatively, you are seeing others achieve what you are still striving for.
now how cool is that dream to have on the 1 month away evening!  
ok, eric's dreams
he was in oklahoma and there were no great grass plans - it was all flat concrete! everywhere! 

concrete: To see concrete in your dream, represents your solid and clear understanding of some situation

in his dream the other night: he was sleeping.. yes, he was dreaming that he was sleeping! and i came in to wake him and he wouldn't wake although he could hear me - he couldn't respond so i took him to the hospital and they had to "put him to sleep" to oparate on him - he tried to wake to tell us he was just sleeping but now he's sleeping (in real life) about sleeping where he's going to be put to sleep!! are you confused yet?!
sleeping: To dream that you are sleeping, denotes peace of mind. Alternatively, it means that you are ignorant of the conditions and circumstances around you
hospital: the dream suggests that you are giving up control of your own body. Perhaps you are afraid of losing control of your body.
 how crazy is that! i'm doing most all the planning in the wedding and he doesn't really have a clue about all the little details i'm doing here and there and all these crazy projects i have scattered all over the dining room table, quest room and scrapbook room.. but he likes it that way - and that's just what his dream said! 
crazy these dreams! who knew!?

1 month from today

in the struggle of figuring how to post without any pictures i'm left to words only - till i get this sorted out. meanwhile, i want to continue to post and more for my own record then informing ya'll (sorry.. but i do still love each and everyone - maybe a little more those of you who comment - can i say that?)
my plan as of now is to finish up all the wedding posts before and after then have my blog published into a book ~ what i do after that i'm still contemplating but maybe something new and exciting will be in order

so for now i'm going to commence the count down!
yesterday marked
1 month to go
on top of that its a short month! making it 27 days till our wedding!

eric came home from work walked straight to the PS3 (thursday is game night) but before he set up skype with his gaming buddies - yes, they play and skype at the same time.. embarrassing i know - but i guess its equally embarrassing that i do the same with scraping and crafting! anyway the moral of the story is - 
eric said - he was really getting excited!

 and that meant the world to me!

so while he was skyping and gaming i worked on some "last minute" details & projects 
some of which included my cricut!
this is what i did on thursday, february 17th 2011

  • peir 1 - and returned lanterns (decided on a different source of lighting - ya'll have to wait for pictures) 
  • home goods  - bought some new calphalon pans (their pricey but great in the kitchen & we needed a few more some of our older ones were starting to go on the fritz!) also bought a really cool collapsible strainer & the reason i went was a frame for our engagement pictures. i really wanted a collage frame but alas they didn't have the right color or shape of photos for what i needed - so i got a fabulously framed 8x10  to hang on the wall and decided to make a 7 gypsies artist trading card display cause i just love all the pictures and want to be able to flip through them! i'm excited about that project!
  • took engagement CD to print out 8x10 photo 
  • made pork chops, sweet potatoes & a toss salad for desert we had a couple left over chocolate peanut butter cupcakes i made for eric for valentines (his favorite) 
  • my evening projects were cleaning up the scrap room (needed to be done desperately!)
  • making tags (with cricut cartridge sweethearts) for the bridal party's ornaments (will show pictures later)
  • watched American Idol (right now i'm loving the girl that sang - dream on! what a voice!)
  • and the best thing of today was checking out eila's "color room"! she made a scrap page of our engagement photos and wowza i am so honored - its beautiful! check it out here
  • i also did a bunch of "stuff" on the internet including ordering some just for redheads makeup
ok well, that's about my thursday - everyday i'll do my best to post what i've done/am doing and then after the wedding i'll start posting all the pictures to go with all these projects! 

February 9, 2011

our bridal party

maid of honor

Kim has been extremely supportive, encouraging, understanding, loving and pretty much everything you could want or need from a friend since day 1! I truly believe I'm a better person for knowing her and lucky even blessed to have her as such a close friend and now.. my maid of honor!

(otherwise known as jimmy the tulip tudeski)
best man
Jimmy is a true best friend, the kind that's sticks around no matter the weather, a great laugh and always has your back. Eric and Jim worked together for 6 years and we were neighbors for 3 years when it came to picking his best man there wasn't another choice.. it was Jim. 

flower Girl

Brennen is the ideal flower girl. First, she's all girl and loves everything girl  including  dressing up Fancy Nancy style! And you can't leave out the fact that's she so stinken adorable! I can't imagine anyone else carrying the flowers down our isle-way! 

 with a group like this who needs a huge bridal party?! 
we love you guys!

February 8, 2011

weekend with sheila - part 2

friday morning didn't start so early... 
but it finally did start to a couple cups of coffee and a bagel.. or 2
after showers and pulling a plan together
we headed for michael's 
and 4.5 hours later..  we started to get hungry
meanwhile.. this is what i got at michael's 

 ok that's quite a bit of small stuff..
most is for the wedding - just detail things here and there 
some are for scrapbooking once i get the wedding photos! 

a bride Tshirt for the bridal shower 
(that we haven't fully planned yet... but hey i have a shirt for it!)
i bought a studded shamrock iron on 

this is after the application 

just the right touch don't ya think?! i love!

i didn't take pictures of the gorgeousness that sheila bought
but basically she got a ton.. and i mean ton of beads!
she's making crystal "shoes" for the bridal party! 
and because she looooves me so much ~ she's making mine out of swarovski crystal!
so we picked our crystals to go with everyone's dress
including mine, the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, and sheila the mother of the groom
we couldn't get beads for eric's step mom and the flower girl 
cause a dress hasn't been purchased yet and i'm not sure of the colors/style

as a basic idea 
here is a set of beaded "shoes" sheila made to for me 
a couple of summers ago 

cute! don't ya think?! 

for lunch we walked over to panera bread 
i had "you pick 2" broccoli and chedder with almond chicken salad sandwich ~ yummy!

after lunch we hopped over to home goods!
.. and stayed there.. until we heard "the store is now closed".. oh no!

this home goods was super cool ~ it was a tj max and home goods combined!
this is some of what i got

 talk about cumfy! love these things!

 love born shoes!.. and these are soo stylish!..

 bright summer shoes are a must in florida!

 these are fabulous! and soo comfortable.. 
i wore them to a superbowl party with jeggings and never took them off!
this is for the wedding.. 
but i guarantee its not going to be used how you think it would be..
this is what it looked like when i bought it

it had red polka dot ribbon..
so i just switched it out for a simple solid green
of course sheila helped me pick them out.. 
there were several styles.. but we agreed this was the one to get! 
don't you agree its fabulous!?
we also got 

 bar towels!

st patrick's day bar towels to boot!
this will be the perfect touch at our open reception bar!

i also purchased a couple other things - that i'm not going to show
they're for the honeymoon you see ~ wink!
oh stop!.. i'm blushing


ok ~ i have to admit i've been writing this post for like 3 days
partly because i'm so super busy, 
partly because there was so much to say 
but moslty because i've reached my max picture storage use!? 
what is that you say? ... cause that's what i said! 

i didn't know i had been storing pictures - well, 
apparently picasa and blogger have hooked up 
so you have to pay for picture storage - bummer! 

  there are a bunch of other things we purchased and 
tons of posts of projects i'd like to post.. 
however, i'm out of picture space! 
so till i figure this number/storage/pain in my rump out
i'll just be writing
super boring i know but it'll have to do for now


till later
peace, love and luck!

flower girl dress

today i did a little more flower girl dress shopping online
and finally i can say the decision has been narrowed down to 2 styles
which are in limbo pending the maid of honors opinion
cause frankly i've made so many decisions lately.. i think they are all starting to turn to mush...

these are a couple sites i looked through
to help narrow down the choices

February 7, 2011

weekend with sheila - part 1

thursday feb 3rd i drove down to venice florida 
to stay a few days with eric's mother - sheila 
and lordy did we have some serious girl fun / bonding time! i love her! 

soon as i got there
we hopped right back in the car to do some "quick" shopping 
before our weight watchers dinner 
- which john made for us and i'm here to tell ya.. it was great!

this is what we bought thursday afternoon

shamrock tooth picks

 guarder before (wait till you see the after! shazam!)

 2 packages of green lanterns - for the reception

puffy shamrock.. because we couldn't resist

 shamrock lights! hehe..
i'm thinking their a little corny.. but how great would they be somewhere around the DJ table
we got a couple boxes

ok.. and i got a little carried away at big lots with the scrapbooking stuff!

 what can i say?!

they had some fab deals!!

but before i knew it... it was time for dinner

the rest of the night we hung out, gabbed
and got so sleep somewhere i think early friday morning!

February 6, 2011

bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaid dresses
if you're looking for dresses for your wedding party here's a few places to consider

my favorite!.. but the dress i love was $480. now who would ask there bridesmaids to pay that much?

love this site!

cute flower girl dresses

February 2, 2011

a couple things

i needed a break from making invitations 
so i took a nice warm and relazing oatmeal bath! 
while in the soothing waters - my mind was racing about all the things that still need to be done .. 
and i'm still working on invitations!

when i got out of the tub i thought it would be helpful to jot down a couple things on my mind while lying in bed that way i would sleep so much better! 

but as i started to write.. the list started to grow and grow and before i knew it - 
this exercise wasn't so helpful anymore.. just overwhelming!

this is the list

shipping cost of invites - UPS vs. USPS
centerpiece arrangements = how to make them
how many flowers per arrangement?
my vs. maid of honor bouquet / different or the same?
maid of honer responsibilities vs. mine or mother's - starting now and on day of
flower girl's dress
bridal shower
bloging = soooo behind
engagement shoot coming up - hair, make-up, attire for eric and me
scrapbook wedding and engagement photos/supplies
mozart going to vet/groomer  - (completely unrelated to wedding.. he just hates both! and i was the lucky one who got to take him!)
teeth whitening 
dr. visit
mini chalk boards
sifting sand for decor purposes
cut table clothes from ordered fabric
bridal party table different?
pick up candles from order - that came in
plan songs with eric for DJ = for ceremony and reception (thank you for the requests for those of you who have suggested songs on our wedding website!)
my make-up
new hair dresser stylist = since mine is out of town for st patty's day (#@*&$#)
manicure and pedicure for engagement shoot & wedding day = pink or white french manicure?
toe ring 
something old & something blue
groom's gift
reception shoes
decide on jewlery
flower for my hair
flowers for flower girl's hair
hand writing all the address for the invites... arg - i dislike my hand writing!
re-hang shell curtain
hang green burlap curtain
paper lanterns vs. tissue pom poms
re-bag suckers
making chocolate shamrock pops
sharpen pencils?
pens to write note to bride and groom or brown/green sharpie?
working out 
work out arms... no flabby arms on wedding day!!
practice first dance
waterproof mascara
take a purse
wedding night plans
wedding night outfit
honeymoon plans/packing
eric's wedding band
weekend at shiela's 
dress fitting on feb 15th 
muffin belly fat... really?
hair extensions? check out online and sally beauty
lots of beauty sleep and don't obsess about the details (kinda like what i'm doing here)
green foam for centerpieces
video camera & videographer
photo or video booth
chair set up at reception - swags & length of chairs in rows
bags for balls
making chair decor

wow - ok now that's quite a list! 
but i have tons of help from both mom's and a great support system from kim my maid of honor.. so i created a new list.. breaking down different "chores" and it became manageable and fun again really fast!
thanks to mom's every sunday help beka day - and the weekend's with shiela this is a no prob list! yay!!

February 1, 2011


with all our wedding plans in full swing 
one thing i've discovered... the fun is in the details

here's some details and wedding inspiration i'm loving!

Jenny & Michael's beautiful location and soft blue detailing
or what about this amazingly simple wedding... oh the details!... how many bridesmaid's is that? geez?! 

now this barnyard/muustacheee wedding.. i love! everyone is soo happy!

this DIY inspired wedding has me crooning!

so many ideas! 
how much fun would it be to plan weddings all the time?! 
do any of you (my lovely readers) have that "job"?