July 27, 2011

quilted paper

as an interesting texture for a layout i created some "quilted paper" this is how..

square punch, (mine was 1.25) scissors, adhesive ( i used very small pieces of double side tape) sewing machine (optional)
scrap paper:  i used the same color = mixing pattern and solids
backing paper: i needed a 12x12 sheet of paper but you could make an 8x8 or any size really

1. punch out tons of little squares
2. cut in half diagonally
3. layout according to how you want them

3. adhere to backing paper repeating pattern till page is covered

i also created one with paper and fabric 

paper is green // fabric is white

really liked the texture difference this added

completed page (before sewing)

there are 2 ways of sewing these pages.. 

 #1 = straight down the middle of the pattern

 which really brings out the vertical// horizontal border look

 #2 = following the pattern itself

 this way really pops the pattern!

just remember = if you are going to sew = DO NOT sew over adhesive!
now these pages are ready to work with 
they could be used as borders by cutting them up
a whole page by distressing or embellishing.. whatever these pages are used for what great texture!!

July 21, 2011

Amelia Ann

 my first custom order {from my etsy shoppe} is completed
so naturally i wanted to showoff .. um.. i mean share it with you guys
 this is a super mini baby book for 
Amelia Ann's {first time} grand parents

 so something super girlie was in order 
but in a convenient show off my grand-baby size!
tag in a frame (right page) which could hold a picture or maybe the birth stats

 hope they love and enjoy the book even more then i enjoyed making it!

July 18, 2011

travel journal / vacation

 teresa collins has always been a favorite! her papers just beg to be played with. for this travel journal i actually bought a kit (first kit i've ever bought!) and alas i couldn't follow it to save my life! oh the instructions were super easy.. but i just had so many ideas!!

details.. all the fun stuff that makes working with her lines so much fun! can't get enough of that map and those tabs!

some of the pages  ~ ready to be filled with fantastic travel memories! 

one of the great things about this journal is its so family friendly {not overly girlish} and that makes it even better for a family vacation!

July 14, 2011

kitschy chic chipboard mini

otherwise known as "US"

felt embellishments make the kitschy seem more chic!!

all the edges are ruffly painted with red acrylic paint for a fun and bright touch!

oh! and of course there is journaling space between each page!

this little mini is just begging for some fun memories!

July 11, 2011

one year with my love

 the best thing about this 5x7 mini book is... are you ready for this? 
there is NO adhesive whatsoever holding it together!

 handmade and sewn embellishments add flair and texture!

 and of course those tabs!

 which are made with a round punch - then sewn together

 January tab

 who's your love?

 what would you fill these pages with? 

 your husband, children and family?

 maybe your hobby...

 or your pets?

with so many things to love = i might have to make more!

July 6, 2011

my scrap room

just updated my kraft room page! 
now you can take a sneak peek into my space!
{you'll discover quickly there is SOO much to do - so much for catching up on laundry! }
check out my space here

July 5, 2011

hinged accordion mini

so excited to have finally created this fantastic mini with this paper collection {which i've had forever}

the hinges are an accu-cut die and paper basic grey

fabric flower i hand rolled

what the book looks like opened [hence the accordion name]

all the "frames" are sewn

so the pictures will fit nicely right inside with a small stitched "frame"

there's great space on the sides for some extra journaling

this ledger paper {cosmo cricket} is also sewn

back cover

its simple but will be perfect for just the right pictures!!

July 4, 2011

happy 4th!

happy 4th!

thank you, to paul {my younger bro} for being a dedicated marine 

{this picture was taken at his graduation - several years ago. he's now a lance corporal}

thank you, to all the other families & individuals that help our country be great! 

as for me and my house - we'll be doing some endless board gaming!!

L to R: alex {my stepson}, james {my oldest bro}, eric {my husband} 

hope all of you have a beautiful 4th!

July 3, 2011

the fresh market

today was a gorgeous day {minus the 95 degree weather} for a visit to our local fresh market in hyde park one of the best shopping places in tampa - mostly because its the home of our ONLY anthropology store!

but when you add in fresh fruits, veggies and iced coffee its literally the perfect day.. but to be honest i had an ulterior motif of visiting - research in becoming a vendor!