May 31, 2012

Sneak Peak Reveal #3

life has been super busy here in the krueger household. we've finally got in little man's crib and can't wait to set it up! i'm sure eventually i'll be scrapping about it & updating my pregnancy journal to fill ya'll in on all the fun & juicy details. there are several other crafty projects i'm working on for the nursery (of course) + i'm in the middle of no less than 8 mini books - seriously if there wasn't so many fabulous products out there i wouldn't have to keep starting new books/projects without finishing the last!! oh yeah i'm not taking the blame for this one.. its all those amazing manufacture's fault! you know who you are!! *wink

my cravings have changed quite a bit! thank the lord too cause i think my raisins lightly tossed in ranch dressing was starting to freak everyone out! :) now its all about cereal (any kind) in cold milk, chicken salad sandwich or wrap, & donuts i mean um... almonds (insert HUGE innocently given smile here!) no seriously this afternoon i had a cake doughnut with a massive glass of organic (of course) whole milk and my eyes where rolling around in my head! it was amazing! however, i really did want the chocolate doughnut.. but look this is how it is... my tummy is now up to 40" gosh did i just admit that?! Eek! so i'm trying to keep as healthy and stay as weight conscious as possible after all in about 3 months i'm going to have to lose these wonderful doughnut hips.. and that's not what i'm looking forward to! *sad face

well, enough talking let's get to another reveal don't ya think! this book is finally finished and i'm so excited to show it off! 

project #3

a Teresa Collins inspired bebe book which i hope to fill with pictures of our little guy once he arrives. yay for planning ahead!

the binding was a big issue with this book. i really couldn't decide for the life of me what color of rings i wanted to use however i knew i did want to use the bind-it-all. the choices where black, white & antique brass.
obviously i ended up using white although the other two looked really good as well from the cover stand point but the white went best with the whole book the inner pages + the cover.. so i made a special order, from my local scrap store, of the correct size & had to wait till it came in before i could finish the book and reveal it! hence the long wait

the fabric flowers are hand cut & rolled (by yours truly) 

the burlap one took a ton a glue - but turned out pretty well & i think will hold up on the cover

i've mentioned a couple times now (in previous posts) that i'm super huge into tabs right now & this book is no different i really mixed up my metals in this one & added silver tabs 
as you can see here the different metals actually work together really interestingly - well, i thought so anyway. the silver brad + antiqued brass + painted blue hold down thingy (sorry i honestly have no idea what they are called :) 

this blue chipboard piece on the left side (shown above) was originally white & i painted it then used a crackle finish around the edges & ends. my idea for this was to add his name maybe with some thickers or more chipboard letters 

 the above pocket is repeated throughout the book several times. thought it would be great to hold any type of sentimental note or memorabilia. all i did was cut a piece of double sided paper double the width than i wanted the pocket, then on the right side of the pocket using a 2" hole punch i cut out a half circle made a fold crease in the middle, added glue to the top & bottom only of one side and there ya have it a pocket made out of the paper in wanted!

 "the best things in life aren't things" 

 this in one of my favorite new techniques! i embossed this b then inked around it - to help show the texture of the paper - & the ink doesn't hold to the embossing.. ♥

 although this denim heart lends itself a little girlie i couldn't resist - just thought it was too cute in this book 

seeing cutouts used a lot these days & why not.. they're great! 

 a tool i can't get enough of... the Tim Holtz tiny attacher! i've used mine so many times - it broke.. but its still useable - haha maybe one day i'll break down & get another 

 i was very tempted to add pops of red while making this book & i have to admit i'm so glad i stuck to my original design of just black white blue & grey.. i normally don't go so monochromatic but for some reason a monochromatic color scheme lends itself in such a masculine way.

 really looking forward to seeing all the pictures in this one. my thought is black & white photos to really go with the color scheme.

our child is a boy. born a blessing. i smile when i think what a joy he is. i love him already & can't wait to hear his giggle. him growing in the family makes us all a little more perfect. - *what i wrote in the pocket to go with these words.
 inside back cover (might be my favorite page.. even more so than the cover!) tons of layers of papers & fabric i just couldn't stop adding to this one! 

 the boy chipboard i covered with the blk & white polka dot paper & stamped - not sure you can see very well in these pictures..

so that's my first of many Bebe boy books. my goal is to have quite a few ready for pictures cause i'm not sure just how much time i'm going to have for minis once mini man comes along! might have to start getting in to layouts more...
thanks for checking it out ~ R

May 14, 2012

sneak peak reveal #5

the 3rd reveal is project #5 (are you getting confused yet) and the biggest and most important of all the reveals! to check out all the sneak peaks go here.. to check out the other reveals.. just scroll down people. hehe :) this is a book that is more dear to me than any other book i've ever created not because of all the classes i'm taking lately, not because its has some really excited new technique i've learned but because this is the book about how my life is about to change... forever. without further ado here is...

project #5

what could all this colorful sneak peak be that's bringing a huge change?? how about a...

yep! that's right we are expecting! 

so i'm going to take you through the journal up to the current point & with future posts i'll continue to show what's going on through this book! 
the die-cut says; from: you're mommy & daddy
to: our precious little one. this is your story as much as ours. i hope we can give you all you deserve to grow strong & be the person you desire♥

 a little finding holding up the banner which goes a crossed the whole book.

 a basic grey magnet closer being held on with ribbon 

 the covers & this closer flap is all made of him holtz grunge paper & just to give it a little extra durably i sewed down all the edges.

 the inside. 1st page. yep! i saved it! the positive pee test. 

 back of the handmade vellum envelope. kiss kiss

this to-do list as been a huge help with all things getting ready. for priority in timing and there are even quite a few things i would have never thought of in there. 

remember me telling you i love tabs.. here ya go!! 1 tab a week. all cut with my cricut using the fabulous finds cart. so lets go forward with each week - cause they are all a little different

 the week i took the pee test i was already 6 weeks! 
a couple things i try & do every week 
1. a print out from consisting of 3 things 
baby stats & how he's growing
what's going on with my body 
week's activity
i get this emailed to me every monday & look forward to them every week!

the 2nd thing i try and always do is a mommy stats sheet which i hand write on a diecut - here its the yellow plaid with green oval swirl.. my stat sheet always has the same info
date: week: weight: belly: cravings/food:
its been fun to watch these little things become not so little and change
some weeks i add in sonograms & some belly shots this week (week #7) its the former which i've made a mini layout & am keeping it safe in a 6x6 sheet protector 

 the reverse side of the sheet protector is the 3rd thing i like to add every week - also included in the email i get every monday - a picture of what baby looks like that week

 8 weeks
normally i add in a little writing of what happened that week, doc visits or what we're doing in preperationn 

 9 weeks

 10 weeks - a lot happened here 

the blue envelope says: "enclosed... nursery inspiration board ideas, a couple random names, top 5 thing to do as of today, a random note. all written on this date 2-23-12

11 weeks 
again another busy week with a dr appointment including sonogram & another envelope 

the envelope says: the 1st "real" maternity shopping spree with nana B to international mall's destination maternity, H&M & baby gap (way to cute) 
included: all he tags & receipts from the shopping trip 2-27-12

 11 week sonogram layout 

 reverse side layout 

12 weeks
see the little hand on his forehead? he's a little drama baby.. just like his mommy 

14 weeks
belly shot layout

 i keep these layouts as simple as possible cause remember i am updating this journal every week + i'm doing other projects + planning a nursery + taking naps & eating... all the time! :)

15 weeks
16 weeks
an easter picnic - sorry i didn't take the layout out of the sheet protector this picture is terrible.. anyway the chalk board says 16 weeks 4-8-12

17 weeks
nursery painting & curtains chart
layout of our 1st gift! fun!

 gift layout

on the reverse side a belly shot (outside of sheet protector) 

 18 weeks

another gift layout

 19 weeks
our detailed sonogram

we had so many pictures to bring home.. i had to get a little creative as to how i was going to display them all

 20 weeks
"we're 1/2 way to meeting each other!"

 20 week belly shot
little sweetie is making me a big momma!

right now i'm in week 21

so that's the big reveal & change
what you think? i know its simple no fancy techniques or anything but it is something i can  share with jr when he gets older about our special time when he was growing in momma's belly
if you're a momma did you do any kind of journal? i'd love to hear about it.