June 27, 2011

dabble in vs. sticking to it

 inspired by a favorite blogger little miss momma whom i stalk... um.. cough.. i mean visit regularly ~ she states in her blog "what you see is what you get" she's honest, so.. herself! i admire her and look for that same quality in myself.. i mean i look deeeeeep down. 
 but i feel more comfortable 

 being the showoff - letting only the pretty side shine, 

making everyone laugh
telling jokes 

 and don't ever get down to the nitty gritty of what i'm really feeling and what's going on. 

 when i try something new ~ i don't think it threw a lot (or at all) 

i'm the same way when i speak.. it just kinda *blah's* out. 

however, i'm discovering it makes it difficult {on everyone else} there's no consistency {i like to think of it as uber creative - just to make myself feel better}

does it sound like i'm blabbing again.. it feels like i'm rambling on and i'm losing you like a fly!

 ok ok i'm getting to the point. i've dabbled with the thought of having my on biz for years 

 and stuck my toe (so to speak) in the water with trying to sale this and that but never gave it a fair shot - this time its going to be different! and i'm not just saying it.. i've thought this threw and planned it out (i know i know.. i should have warned you to sit down first!)

 gosh darn-it even if i'm the only one left reading this (which i wouldn't doubt for a second.. its kinda boring here)  i believe in what i create - it is after all what i LOVE to do
here's to sticking to it with...

my new etsy account!

and because it wasn't enough to admit my fault i'm going all out there (maybe i should think about this more...) and promising to becoming more consistent with all my endeavors or maybe i'll just start with consistency with my creating!! yes, then i'll branch out from there.

moral of the story, be yourself... OH and check out my etsy shoppe of course!! hehe

June 26, 2011

fist ever crafting party

yesterday, i threw a crafting party - my first ever! and it was a total success in-fact i'm already starting to think about the next one! have you ever thrown a craft party? i'd love to hear about it! meanwhile, here's my party 

getting ready {friday} 

 laying everything out

ingredients for making orange muffins

 orange muffins fresh from the oven 
see recipe here

 ingredients for chocolate banana bread 

colorful sprinkle rice krispies 
find recipe here

 fresh for the oven chocolate bread 
find recipe here
dining room/crafting area {we ended up bringing in another table}

let's get this party started {saturday}

 orange muffins on display

chocolate banana bread - ready to eat {served with freshly brewed coffee and Bailey's and cream - soo good}

 start of the food line

 start of the drink line

 canned orange soda, water, and coke zero in buckets of ice

 squirley straws clear cups and markers to write your name on your cup

pineapple summer punch - with a kick! 
find recipe here

lunch time

 mango chutney

 BBQ pulled pork

 pulled pork sandwiches 

sooooo good {also served a large toss salad} 
see recipe for pork here 


 {left to right} kelly, erica (standing) lori, mom

 our projects
erica's project {it's tradition for her to make her kids birthday cakes every year} and this one is no exception - these are for her daughter's cake (my flower girl - brennan) - whom is obsessed with the Beatles and the little yellow submarine

 my mini book
 mom's beading 

kelly's prepping for a class - so out of respect i didn't take to many pictures of the crafting area.
to see more about her and the classes she teaches check out her blog here

so that's it - my first ever crafting party - kept it small and sweet and i liked it that way! we all talked, drank, ate - and of course crafted!! so tell me about your favorite crafting party! 

June 24, 2011

Party Banner Tutorial

tomorrow i'm hosting a crafting party so,  in keeping with the party theme (colorful & krafting... of course) i wanted to decorate with something i made and here's what i did! 

cut a bunch of colorful paint chips out of a fan deck

oh soo pretty & colorful!!

cut out tons of mini banner pieces

and i do mean tons! 

then hot glue them to some soft fiber/string

every 6"

lay the banner shape face down

dap with glue

top with another piece face up
repeat a thousand times!

and there it is in my scraproom!!

how much colorful fun is that?!