June 27, 2011

dabble in vs. sticking to it

 inspired by a favorite blogger little miss momma whom i stalk... um.. cough.. i mean visit regularly ~ she states in her blog "what you see is what you get" she's honest, so.. herself! i admire her and look for that same quality in myself.. i mean i look deeeeeep down. 
 but i feel more comfortable 

 being the showoff - letting only the pretty side shine, 

making everyone laugh
telling jokes 

 and don't ever get down to the nitty gritty of what i'm really feeling and what's going on. 

 when i try something new ~ i don't think it threw a lot (or at all) 

i'm the same way when i speak.. it just kinda *blah's* out. 

however, i'm discovering it makes it difficult {on everyone else} there's no consistency {i like to think of it as uber creative - just to make myself feel better}

does it sound like i'm blabbing again.. it feels like i'm rambling on and i'm losing you like a fly!

 ok ok i'm getting to the point. i've dabbled with the thought of having my on biz for years 

 and stuck my toe (so to speak) in the water with trying to sale this and that but never gave it a fair shot - this time its going to be different! and i'm not just saying it.. i've thought this threw and planned it out (i know i know.. i should have warned you to sit down first!)

 gosh darn-it even if i'm the only one left reading this (which i wouldn't doubt for a second.. its kinda boring here)  i believe in what i create - it is after all what i LOVE to do
here's to sticking to it with...

my new etsy account!

and because it wasn't enough to admit my fault i'm going all out there (maybe i should think about this more...) and promising to becoming more consistent with all my endeavors or maybe i'll just start with consistency with my creating!! yes, then i'll branch out from there.

moral of the story, be yourself... OH and check out my etsy shoppe of course!! hehe


  1. I like you. And I'm proud of you. And the cartoon about being boring is hilarious, I'm dying. I like your deep down/honest side just as much as your silly side, and I'me excited to see you taking your beautiful work so seriously! You will succeed!

  2. thanks macy - you're always such a strong support and since you know everything about me and still like me... that's a huge compliment! thank you!

  3. Yeah, I made it to the end LOL, good for you will be checking our your etsy on a regular basis, go for it! PS love my cricut!

  4. Hi Rebekah, the pink one has all baby bits and pieces and the one shaped like a cup and saucer has tea, chocs, hot choc etc. I have just sent my layout off, you should give it a go, worth a try, mine wasn't my best, did not have the right pic, colors etc. etc. but hey nothing ventured nothing gained! I am borrowing lots of carts from friends at the moment, loving the Disney ones, especially Mickey and friends, have just noticed the cricut icon on your blog off to check it out any hints and tips gratefully received byeeee x

  5. Yes it was the cricut icon at the top, let me know when its up and running take care x.

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  7. I'M STILL WITH YA!! :))) Seeing that new avatar of yours and what colour is your top - saphire blue! told ya you would look a total show-stopper in it!! L-O-V-E this post Bekah - you're back from the humming and thinking - Etsy - yay!! will definitely be checking you out there babe! if you check out my latest post and LO called "Frozen Days" you might recognize something from the treasure chest somebody in Tampa, Forida sent to the Polar Circle a while ago .... Mwah! :)))