November 23, 2011


Wow! i have so much to be thankful for...
here's my top 10 for 2011

10. zooey deschanel and the new girl {my new favorite tv show} = super laugh out loud funny!

9.  my heritage greek/irish - are there really that many out there with that combo? :)

8. wonderful in-laws who support, motivate & love me not just during the holidays but give me year round warm fuzzies!

7. an opportunity to express my creative thought by creating a colorful krafting business and brand.

6. wonderful friends who stand by me, support and love me.. just the crazy way i am.

5. rainbows, unicorns, butterflies, laugh out loud comedies and people who stand up for what they believe and who they are as individuals regardless if i share their passion or pursuit.. an individual with a purpose is one to respect. 

4. colorful krafts supporters. everyone that came out to the craft shows & bought a colorful item, all the love and support over the years from all the readers. i love every email and comment received! thx guys! 

3. we have plenty. in a time of less & struggle our family has been extremely blessed with a beautiful home and a full table. 

2. family, even though my brother is serving overseas & we won't spend the holidays together his service & loyalties makes us all proud! 

1. eric, my husband & the beautiful wedding day we shared earlier this year. 

have a wonderful thanksgiving!

November 22, 2011

made by hand + thanks

the weekend before thanksgiving Colorful Krafts participated in Tampa's - "Made by Hand" Craft Fair! 

this was my booth
table set-up

journals seem to be the most popular {guess its that time of year}

thanks to everyone that stopped by & purchased something handmade!!

since the craft fair... 

I've completely negated this blog for out of town family and black friday shopping
which made me go in a complete frenzy - cleaning out my closet (for all the new clothes)
scrubbing down the house for all the new pretty handmade {and otherwise} Christmas ornaments{which i'm totally stoked to show you in a later post}
on top of all that craziness - cleaning & christmas decorating brought about a total scrap room re-org, then there were tons of presents to wrap so i played with my new lily green circuit expression making all kinds of x-mas tags. the list of everrything that's been going on is crazy - but i'll get back on top of things soon enough until then what are you doing to prepare for the holidays?

November 7, 2011

New New and did i mention New?

lots of new going on around here so get yourself a nice hot cup of coco and settle in cause this post is a doosy! for starters the 1st new is literally just that my FIRST ever craft fair!

 [setting up]

it was an indoor/outdoor affair and my spot was inside and since it was below 70 {hence the sweater} i'm kinda glad i was inside. (i know i know i'm a bit of a woose)

ready to shop!

colorful krafts booth/table

some of the other vendors 

even though i did do quite well there were some tid-bits "leftover"so i updated colorful's etsy site to show some new items that were made just for the kraft fair.

a couple things that sold...

bunny book $60.
it was sad to see it go... but happy that "she" was excited to give this Mellisa Frances bunny baby book a new home!

also found a new home 

this dusty pink vintage kitsch styled headband found a home with a beautiful head of brunette hair

on a side note i changed around some of the prices on some of the "older items" in colorful's etsy site to match what they were at the craft fair - you can check out the etsy site here.

after a long day of kraft fair saturday it was nap time
but sunday was my 2nd NEW thing

i participated in my 1st ever class
the class was at whim so doddle 

how totally cute is this book? the book binding and sewing on grudge paper was the main reasons i took the class - but learn so much on top of that! for sure going to be taking more classes! 
well, i thought the weekend was going to bring an end to all things new.. 
but i was wrong!  (yay)
monday brought the best new thing yet!

what was it you ask? 
can i hear a drum roll?!

 a surprise from!

oh what can it be? 
 some pretty flowers... but such a big box for just flowers...

canada paper pad (perfect since we're planning yet another trip there next spring/summer) 


a new CRICUT EXPRESSION! what what?!

 and it's lily green! you must be ****ing me! i'm so happy

 came with a new 12x12 cutting mat

 manual and CD

 and what!! 2 new cartridges! (i have to change my undies!)

 holy moly! this is to much - its like christmas around here! 

 blade in..

 ready to cut!.. won't be sleeping tonight

 oh mojo.. thank you for being so helpful! what a fuzzy kitty

must say bye to my old cutter.. was it as good for you as it was for me? 

with such a good and NEW streak going on.. what's going to happen tomorrow i wonder?

anything new in your world?

Macy Monday

this was a whole weekend long extravaganza of a layout!  first it was all about the design.. i really wanted a true Girl Scout look and with the hand-stitched sashes, hand cut frames and raw muslin bows tied with grass green and brown brads.. i think its just the ticket. 

 macy had tons of badges but these were the loose ones so making them work into the layout was Key

 the sash was just the thing - and to top it off this color was sooo P.E.R.F.E.C.T spot on!

 a little nature
 on the edge of a card

with the very example of amazing firecracker bangs i've ever seen - macy you can thank me for putting this picture in the card (♥ your face!)
this on the other hand was prob the best picture of the bunch - but how to work the shape into the layout (hence the 2day timing on the layout...)
hope you love your scouted layout Macy!!

November 4, 2011

handmade craft fair + lovely things

so excited to be sponsoring a favorite blog of mine 

if you've never visited Clemence's beautiful blog 
well, what are you waiting for...? go here to be inspired
{and i bet ya'll even find a colorful  kraft's button on the side bar!}


for some more exciting news tomorrow is my first ever craft fair! 
its going to be held at scraporium
if you feel so inspired ~ skip down and check it out! 
oh and next week i'll be sure to have tons of pictures to show!

November 2, 2011

Layout of the Week - david spade

 while in Vegas for our honeymoon one of the great acts we saw was David Spade live!  
wow we had soo many laughs! this is David Spade - layout of the week

 Left page: bottom is a large cardboard pocket with the picture of eric and i sitting in our seats and the die-cut with the top ten words i used to describe the show (scoll down for close-up) in the pocket is the Venetian newsletter that was in our hotel room + the tickets to the show

right page: the large pic is me outside theater (sorry so dark) then the 2 die-cuts and the david spade post card which i added just for the fantastic splash of color! 

now for the before and after diecuts - this was a lot of fun! 

(the way i bought it) 

(European colored pencils + bling)
(in layout)
(the way i bought it) 
(European colored pencils)

(in layout)
the top 10 words to describe the David Spade + the show 
8.david spade
10.laugh out loud

(in pocket)

what a great evening and memories! thanks for checking it out!