November 7, 2011

Macy Monday

this was a whole weekend long extravaganza of a layout!  first it was all about the design.. i really wanted a true Girl Scout look and with the hand-stitched sashes, hand cut frames and raw muslin bows tied with grass green and brown brads.. i think its just the ticket. 

 macy had tons of badges but these were the loose ones so making them work into the layout was Key

 the sash was just the thing - and to top it off this color was sooo P.E.R.F.E.C.T spot on!

 a little nature
 on the edge of a card

with the very example of amazing firecracker bangs i've ever seen - macy you can thank me for putting this picture in the card (♥ your face!)
this on the other hand was prob the best picture of the bunch - but how to work the shape into the layout (hence the 2day timing on the layout...)
hope you love your scouted layout Macy!!


  1. I have to agree that the sash is spot on with the color. So perfect! And the bangs should never see the light of day. Ever. ;)

    It might be because its late and I had the worst day EVER--but I am so emotional looking at this layout right now. I miss hanging out with you and having crafty times and I'm so, so grateful for every single one of these labors of love you've made for me. They are all beautiful and I cherish them so much. You rock. :D

  2. macy, so sorry you had such a bad day want to talk it out? i'll try and give ya a call today. sometimes i admit i'm still going through this circle of emotions about y'alls move i know everything is working out for you there but i feel like i'm missing a sister AND a brother - and stop! (before i start gettin a wet eye!

    thanks so much for the sweet stuff about making these layouts for you! there are just so many sometimes i'm a little overwhelmed and sometimes i wonder if i do what you really picture. there are several you said are your favorite pictures and i still haven't done any of those - cause i'm so darn nervous to.. just want to make sure it does your memory justice.. so thanks again!

  3. Echoing Macy here - the pages you are making for her are truly a labour of love! ha ha have to say the bangs were rather interesting ... THANK YOU for going back to your old blog set up, saves me eones of time and makes it soooo much easier to navigate! xoxoxo

  4. Elia thx for mentioning that this set up is easier! I wasn't sure how the change was from everyone else's point of view.
    As far as the stunning bangs... Everyone had those in the 80ties! So glad we've moved on! Love ya Macy