May 20, 2010

behind on "the project list"

Wow! Everything in the world has been going on - but scrapping and on top of it - I’ve been really sick for over a week now.. Starting to feel a little better but still not quite myself.

You, ever get in one of those moods where you need a break from scrapping? I love scrappin, but lately I’ve just been working on other projects, around the house, and enjoying it! as I was laying in bed last night (in between coughing) I was designing a mini book in my head and thinking about all the projects I have lined up - but haven’t printed any of the pictures out yet! So I guess its about time to dive back into the scrap room and get crackin on all those projects!

The top projects I would like to finish are

1. Last years trip to Canada (I know right… soooo last year - I’ve been putting it off cause I literally have 10,000 pictures to go through.. And the task is a little daunting.. Any suggestions?)

this is the base book i'm going to use - not sure if i'm going to cut it, trim it.. or just use it as paper.. but i love the book.. (its made of the wrinklie part of cardboard and sewn together)

pretty much all the supplies i've collected for the Canada book -

2. Our engagement book - ok now I’m really admitting how behind and terrible I am.. Well, really I do have the book completed… “almost” I just have to add pictures and writing… so that’s not so bad I guess..

front cover

i hand sewed the pages to wool fabric.
everything i've used to make this book is sentimental
the paper eric gave me as a surprise..
the fabric i bought when i was living in new york
(i was planning to make a suit with it.. obviously that never happened.. )

now that i'm looking at it.. i'm getting excited about it all over again..
its going to be a great book...

3. Paul’s marine graduation book.. I’m really excited about this one.. Cause James took some professional shots of him in uniform that are AMAZING! So the pictures themselves are I guess what I’m really excited about.. Love working with a good shot!

4. Well, I’d be doing really good if I got the first 3 books done.. But I also have 100,000,000.00 (that’s one hundred million.. Just in case) layouts I would love to catch up on.. So I may do a few of those in between.

5. About a year ago … ok maybe two years now (can’t believe I’m admitting this - time frame that is… someone else please tell me you’re behind too!! - it would just make me feel so much better!?) anywho, a long time ago my sister in-law asked me to do a childhood book on her and her husband (my bro) and I have to admit (even though I know you’re going to see this Macy….. Lub) I’ve been avoiding the book - cause frankly.. The pictures… there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of them.. Draws and envelopes FULL!

And on top of that.. Most of them where cut up..

that makes it so difficult.. I want her to be happy with the book - But its going to take soo much time  (not to mention $$ of supplies..) cause each picture is going to have to be done individually and that’s such a daunting task that well, it continues to sit in the “DO” draw… or draws….

hmmmmm -

If I could finish her book…that - would be amazing!.. And all the room I would free up in my scrap room - I could go supply shopping!!!! Yeah!

well that's what i have going on.. or should i say what needs to be going on... :)

May 9, 2010

tag book

for approximently a year i have been saving tags of off whatever i purchased - to use in a project somehow - i finally decided i was going to make a book (my first thought was on canvas - which i still like the idea of!)
i loved doing this project! and was soo inspired i'm going to save again and create another book using the material girl line from cosmo cricket!

how cute is that book going to be?!
also, i'm going to work up the nerve to have a photo shoot at the mall and add a couple pictures.. like these..

oh! how fun! can't wait to do that.. it will be a fun book!
anyway.. here is the tag mini book i did do! 

its so thick i had to have a large ribbon tie around to keep it together!

without ribbon

love intuitions! what great clothes!

all the little details make the book so fun!

the background is a blue doilie i got vintage shopping..

love this tag! (i colored it in)

cache has been one of my favroites for as long as i can remember!

love their pants!


who doesn't love anthropoligie!

a bunch of leftover tags.. in a hand stitched pocket made of cross-stitching fabric.

i still left quite a few tags out.. but there where soo many to work with.. i can't believe i fit that many in!.. next time i won't wait so long... and with all the ideas i have i can't wait to make my 2nd tag book!