February 18, 2010

help with my home work?!

There’s a dilemma which I could use some help
Ever since alex started school we’ve kept his school work he brings home here..

Here’s the dilemma (have you seen the basket?)

I want to organize & keep it..
Some of it is soooo cute, learning how to write & so on...

But I need ideas on how to store all this home work paper,
I don’t really want to scrap it all,
I thought of a three ring binder by grade & I could add as he goes thru school..
But I’m looking for something maybe a little more obtainable..

Ideas anyone?

February 17, 2010

4 new layouts

oh my goodness - i'm getting so many layouts done lately! thought i would share a couple of the latest

hope you likey! i'm back to the drawing board to make some more!

February 16, 2010

updated slides

check out my slides on the side! been working on them almost every day!
tons of adding, editing, updating and photo shopping.

there are now three altogether;
layouts, mini books, & my scrap room.

i'm thinking of separating single and double layouts - or should i keep them together?
any thoughts?

new pictures of my scrap room will be added... soon as i finish the clean, polish & makeup routine! its a bit of a mess at the moment .. if you can imagine 

thanks for your comments!

February 15, 2010

yay jillibean!

OH! i'm so excited! jillibean is looking to add to their design team! i sent in my application and pictures today and simply can't think about anything else!

just in case you haven't checked them out this is some of there stuff that i'm crazy about!!

there buttons are my for sure dead on favorite a must need for any collection!

the ribbions come with these awesome fibers! great for little boys book!

check out some of these papers!! ohhhhh

lovin this stuff!
anyway, had to share my excitement!
just incase you want to check it out the jillibean blog

February 11, 2010

my new eiffel tower

hanging out with my bro joe & his wife macy the other day
& as we finish up a great encounter of D&D he says
“oh I have something for you”
as we’re packing up to leave, he walks out of the room and walks back in with this...

the most awesome eiffel tower!

joe - "i made it for you about a year ago, didn't think it turned out good
so i never gave it to you..."

me (scretching) "OMG this is amaaazing!" (now flailing my arms and hands about) "i'm so excited! this is perfect! what could you not love about this...? i'm going to add a little ribbon and its going to be perfect in my desperately in need of an effiel tower scrap room! ohhhhh yeah!! this is awesome"

added ribbon in the same colors of my room decor

a little fleur at the bottom

& a big flower at the top!

this is amazing guys! i loooooove it thanks!
hug & (as joe & macy would say) lub

February 10, 2010

yard sale deals!!

went to a yard sale yesterday (yes, on a tuesday!) and this is what i found - i'm soo excited!

with all the stuff i've gotten in the past week i've got no excuses to not complete a ton of stuff!!
i'm so excited about all the ideas these new items bring to the table! yeah!!

February 9, 2010

a contest

thought I’d try something new & exciting and what would that be?
why entering a layout in a contest of course!

If you want to check it out

see if you can find my banner bonanza layout & let me know what you think?!

February 8, 2010

60% off!!!

I know I know.. The last thing I needed was more stuff! But when its 60% off!! It can’t be resisted! So I stocked up on paper and that’s something I can’t scrap without! So here’s my latest supply shopping spree.

this was the real reason i went to the scrap store. 3.00 and i could have been out of there...
i was right in the middle of a project when i needed gold stickles and some wood paper.. i was thinking of the cosmo cricket, nutmeg line.. but they didn't have that.. so i went to another store and ended up getting.... all of the following!  

most of it paper - but also got these amazing chipboard flurs and pins

upclose on the clothes pins

the other side of the chip board - letters i can use on the current mini i'm making!

some more indian summer from basic grey.. yummy!

just loved these - no idea what i'm gong to use them for - maybe in a baby book

more christmas stuff! this album is coming along great! can't wait to see what ya'll think about it!

more boarders

more paper for my family album - its designed now - but i haven't started putting it together - don't have all the pictures yet.. + its going to be a pretty big project! so i'll put it off for a little while. but i do love this collection sooo much!

more paper i have no idea what to do with, but i really don't have anything quite like it.. so thought it would be a smart addition

don't have any idea how this ended up in the pile of things i got its just the one sheet! don't remember getting it - oh well, maybe i should go back and get something to go with it..

love love love this line - pretty much adore anything and everything basic grey!

letters to go with - but i'll use them on anything - there are great!

more basic grey lovein this line up and down!

letters to go with

this is a websters page and i don't have very many of these - so if there's any left when i go back i'll prob get the rest of whatever they have left

all the solids i got there are 4 of everything - except for some of the browns, black & grey i got 8!

all the paper together!

now that was a shopping spree a 100 worth of stuff for 40.!!
yeah i want to get more!!