April 30, 2010

first video!

check it out! my first video post!

been working on trying this for a while now (thanks macy for your help)

just wanted to try it out - now i know how it works

i'll have to take a couple more.. maybe of my scraproom and a couple of my favorite projects -

ok i'll quite babbling so you can watch the video!

thanks for watching! laterhosen!

April 27, 2010

a new blog!

been working on a couple new things including a new blog!
check it out and let me know what you think?! but remember its really really new!
revamping this one ~ creating a new one... (been a little busy around here) ... and... i've also i've been working on a new mini book i'm super excited about - never done anything like this one before... its taking a bit of time though.. but i'll have the pictures up soon enough.. meanwhile.. check out that new blog already!

thanks, to all my followers and commentors! i love hearing what ya'll have to say and have love getting to know all of you a little better.. hope ya'll are having a great week!

April 22, 2010


my latest 12x12 layouts

i was inspired to create this page from a monochromatic themed challenge 

my brother and his wife - joe and macy - (aren't they cute?)

i've always love this photo of my parents... it was time to give it a permanent place to reside

my fiance's nephews trouble and more.. oh! my bad.. its chris a jordon... cuties.. (it runs in the family)

loving the fact that i'm getting some of the photos done that i've had in my picture box for soo long.. it feels good to see them completed..

April 20, 2010

a new look

wait~! you're in the right place! i've just redecorated, revamped and re-everything! now i know its not quite as glamorous (i'm still working on that... a bit) but now there's tons of room for bigger pictures, slides and all kinds of whatever..

go ahead snoop around.. let me know what you think!

.22 cent stack & 50% supplies!

when i was shopping for the beads i used on the ladybug costumes i stopped by bead city and got all kinda caught up in the scrapbooking section i didn't even know they had! everything was 50% off and the bazzil paper was .22 cents a sheet!! so i power shopped!! and this is the result...

some supllies... the kind i just can't live without.. 3d dots, glue dots (i use mostly for buttons) glue stick.. my favorite kind glitter glue.. i use soo much of it.. the little stickles bottles don't last nearly long enough! and i new punch! yeah! (you can see my current project in the backgroud.. i'm really excited about it.. but more about that later)

my newly purchased stack of bazzil... and just incase you can't tell how much is there..

it's stacked as high as a prima case of flowers!!
now that's a lot of paper!

assorted into their houses

the colors i use motly.. i'm soo excited about this -
 it's going to be a while before i need to buy 12x12 paper again!

April 19, 2010

i won!

a couple weeks ago pamela had a week long giveaway on her fantastic blog..
and i won wednesday's giveaway!

and just received it in the mail!
THREE packages of jillibean stamps!

i haven't been able to put them down!!

here is the thank you card i made for pamela.

these stamps have been so much fun - thanks pamela!

April 15, 2010


for all those of you who didn't know, several years ago i was a member of The Toast of Tampa Show Chorus & we sung & danced our way to international 4th place. several of my friends still sing with the group & i love the occasional visits and performances that i get to sit in on and watch. one of my bff‘s - shamane, is still dancing on the front row and has now started up her own quartet (ladybug) - which by the way is amazing! i watched last year as they sang there way into 6 place at regional and this weekend their back for their 2nd competition with custums i beaded for them!

it was a ton of work and with bandages on almost every finger… i don’t have any pictures to show for it! my number 1 request too them was - get pictures!! i need to scrap them and post about it!!! maybe even a sound clip or two would be cool! they compete friday night in daytona beach, fl … so I’ll be sure to post some later!

i have my fingers crossed for you ladybug!

April 9, 2010

double layouts!

latley i've joined a couple sites to help inspire me with creating more layouts and not just the mini books i love creating. there are so many great things about layouts.. i can use older supplies and stashes of stuff i've "forgot" i had but the best thing about doing layouts is there so fast and easy to do.. sometimes i'll have a mini book sitting on my desk for a week!
so here are some of the latest layouts and doubles at that!

first up.. this was created for let's scrap!
i'm totally loving this site.. everyone has been so encouraging and sweet!

this one was also created for let's scrap
soon as i saw the layout.. i knew it had to be these pictures. i normally don't use this many pictures to a layout but i have tons.. TONS of paul in and out of uniform (he loves the camrea - what can i say)

now this layout of eric and his hammer was created for scrapbooking challenges
it had to be monocrymatic - that's it.. one color only..
i had about 3 pictures i wanted to use.. but this one.. just fell together. 

so there ya are.. some of my newest doubles.. later i'll post all my singles..
and the mini i'm working on right now.. its going to be a 1st! and amazing! can't wait to show you guys!

April 7, 2010

so happy together.. mini

a while back i  posted about this album - but at the time it had no pictures -
but it does now! and here she is all finished!

i have to admit - its one of my latest favorites!! what do you think?

let's scrap... ME

have a couple layouts i thought i'd share

i'm working on a lit'l something new - just to mix things up.  i'm doing a whole 12x12 series on... well, ME.
but there will be no pictures of me (well, very little that is) the focus is things i enjoy doing - watching movies, scrapping, shopping - things i like, lush soaps getting a peddi.. so on

having said that -  this is the first in the series things i enjoy / shopping..

my favorite shoppe is - cache

this of course is the cache model (not me) just incase there was any confusion i have red hair! :)

this layout is from let's scrap 
when i saw the layout i knew i had to do mozart.. there where a couple things more i wanted to add - but all the colors and pattern ended up being so much that i made it a little simpler in the end - and i have to say i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out 
 (this has got to be one of my favorite shots of mozart)

one of my favorite elements is the hand drawing (in black) of the scalloped loops and dots - to frame out the pattern paper in the middle

and of course that amazing button!

the journaling says:
mozart - he follows me everywhere, he scraps with me & sometimes sleeps with me!
i love every but of his fluffy fun & furry friendship.

well, there are so many more layout to show you - so i'll try and get them all photographed today and up tomorrow.

April 6, 2010

deck the halls with easter eggs.. what?

hey! hope everyone had a great easter! mine was great!
lots of food, flowers, family and sleeping in! it doesn't get better!

been doing a ton of scrapping! the latest is my christmas mini - so i thought i would share her with you guys..

its crazy i know - i'm just finishing up chistmas & celebrating easter! but..what can i say.. this book was worth the wait - just love the way it turned out.

i used christmas glitter ordainment's as embellishments!

every page of the paper bag album has a tag you can pull out - where the bag opens

the tag ends are shaped like christmas trees light green & dark, and in between them is a stack of presents

it was super fun to make and i just loved the paper and all the die-cuts to go!

well, that's it for now - hope ya'll likey!