April 7, 2010

let's scrap... ME

have a couple layouts i thought i'd share

i'm working on a lit'l something new - just to mix things up.  i'm doing a whole 12x12 series on... well, ME.
but there will be no pictures of me (well, very little that is) the focus is things i enjoy doing - watching movies, scrapping, shopping - things i like, lush soaps getting a peddi.. so on

having said that -  this is the first in the series things i enjoy / shopping..

my favorite shoppe is - cache

this of course is the cache model (not me) just incase there was any confusion i have red hair! :)

this layout is from let's scrap 
when i saw the layout i knew i had to do mozart.. there where a couple things more i wanted to add - but all the colors and pattern ended up being so much that i made it a little simpler in the end - and i have to say i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out 
 (this has got to be one of my favorite shots of mozart)

one of my favorite elements is the hand drawing (in black) of the scalloped loops and dots - to frame out the pattern paper in the middle

and of course that amazing button!

the journaling says:
mozart - he follows me everywhere, he scraps with me & sometimes sleeps with me!
i love every but of his fluffy fun & furry friendship.

well, there are so many more layout to show you - so i'll try and get them all photographed today and up tomorrow.

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