April 9, 2010

double layouts!

latley i've joined a couple sites to help inspire me with creating more layouts and not just the mini books i love creating. there are so many great things about layouts.. i can use older supplies and stashes of stuff i've "forgot" i had but the best thing about doing layouts is there so fast and easy to do.. sometimes i'll have a mini book sitting on my desk for a week!
so here are some of the latest layouts and doubles at that!

first up.. this was created for let's scrap!
i'm totally loving this site.. everyone has been so encouraging and sweet!

this one was also created for let's scrap
soon as i saw the layout.. i knew it had to be these pictures. i normally don't use this many pictures to a layout but i have tons.. TONS of paul in and out of uniform (he loves the camrea - what can i say)

now this layout of eric and his hammer was created for scrapbooking challenges
it had to be monocrymatic - that's it.. one color only..
i had about 3 pictures i wanted to use.. but this one.. just fell together. 

so there ya are.. some of my newest doubles.. later i'll post all my singles..
and the mini i'm working on right now.. its going to be a 1st! and amazing! can't wait to show you guys!

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