April 15, 2010


for all those of you who didn't know, several years ago i was a member of The Toast of Tampa Show Chorus & we sung & danced our way to international 4th place. several of my friends still sing with the group & i love the occasional visits and performances that i get to sit in on and watch. one of my bff‘s - shamane, is still dancing on the front row and has now started up her own quartet (ladybug) - which by the way is amazing! i watched last year as they sang there way into 6 place at regional and this weekend their back for their 2nd competition with custums i beaded for them!

it was a ton of work and with bandages on almost every finger… i don’t have any pictures to show for it! my number 1 request too them was - get pictures!! i need to scrap them and post about it!!! maybe even a sound clip or two would be cool! they compete friday night in daytona beach, fl … so I’ll be sure to post some later!

i have my fingers crossed for you ladybug!

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