December 31, 2011

happy new year

 this is going to be a full year with tons of exciting new surprises.. i can feel it! 
some say its going to be the end of the world, some say "it" won't ever die.. i say let's live it up today like its 1999! cue fabulous dancing music!! 
have a great one guys! 

December 25, 2011

merry christmas

 christmas is probably my favorite time of year although my birthday is right up there {august} i don't set up a tree for that (thumbs down). i mean what's not to love? the lights, the laughing and spicing every drink
with yummy nog! geez ya can't loose! so here's to all those non-scrooges out there that love this time of year as much as i! hope this day fills you with tons of presents and goodies.. oh ha..hem.. i mean joy and love! :)

December 23, 2011

santa.. drinking margaritas

margaritas aren't the typical christmas beverage for us.. but then 84degress [even for florida] isn't so typical either! this christmas eve our holiday dinner is a seafood boil

complete with king crab and the largest prawns you've ever seen, mini red skin potatoes and corn.

hope your christmas eve is just as memorable!

December 19, 2011


super busy with last minute shopping? i bet you are! well, Colorful Krafts just announced a massive sale going on at her Etsy site! check it out here!

some of the ON SALE items are

well, there are really lots of things on sale (but of course this computer decided to start acting up) maybe Santa will bring a new computer for xmas?

what are you asking for santa this year?

December 11, 2011

mod podge and poinsettias

just thought i say a quick hello with a tiny little update, first off never have your wisdom teeth taken out! K. now that we have that covered.. but before i run off to get these stack of Christmas cards all addressed and ready to send out tomorrow.. i wanted to show off one of the fancies on our tree this year.

hand made poinsettias

this is how they started out..

so i guess they weren't entirely handmade

but a little misting, spray inks along side some mod podge and tons of glitter... our tree is looking fine! 

 hope ya'll holidays are super festive!

December 8, 2011

deck the halls... with wisdom teeth?

with all the hustle and bustle of the season i've completely negated my regular posting! latley my time has been taken up with more important matters like...
record length bubble bath time, movies marathons, playing board games and drinking spiced drinks with cinnamon sticks in between trying out new recipes and wrapping gifts. 
with eric's birthday {tuesday the 13th} there's double the planning, shopping & wrapping! but sadly hardly any scrapping! 
however, the biggest and most fun thing is planned for tomorrow... i'm getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled! yay right!?... wrong. i'm nervous to say the least who plans to have their teeth pulled right before the most important day of the year (no silly not my birthday - Christmas!) hopfully everything will go fine and i'll get better fast so i can get back online for some serious colorful kraft time! wish me luck!