April 24, 2012

sneeky peekie is super duper

taking what seemed like half a century (only six months in reality) off from scrapping - getting back into the groove has been amazing! i've taken several online classes and a couple local technique classes & i'm all about using embossing as a resist! who know you could do that.. stop! you didn't know! :)

anywho, i'm not quite ready for the full reveal of the multiple projects i've seemed to have all started at the same time.. but have yet to finish any (insert stupid grin) but a sneak peek… that’s completely doable! And fun! right? if not.. you can just go wash the dishes or vacuum... otherwise.. check out all the projects I’m currently working on & will reveal -upon completion- each one separately real soon

project #1

project #2

project #3

project #4


 ok, that's it! not sure which order i'll have the full post but this is just the order i created them..
ok talk at ya later!

April 5, 2012

well, hello... stranger

ok, so i waited a teeny tiny bit longer than first anticipated (insert innocent smiley face here) however, i really wanted to be sure before i decided on which way was up and what exactly i was going to be doing... i've changed my mind more times than i think almost humanly possible! seriously it could be in the world record status here people!

when it all comes down to it i asked myself one question:
why do i want to continue blogging?

the answer: i enjoy it.

thank you, to those of you who encouraged me to find myself, stay in cyber land & those of you who even encourage me to go further and be even a better blogger! i love that about my cyber buddies!

going forward i'm going to continue posting craft projects but its going to be done a little differently - i'm still working out all the details in my own mind but they will consist of better posts, better projects and maybe just maybe a little something where y'all will get to know me.. perhaps in a way you've never known me... we'll see.

thanks again for all the love and support and i'll see ya soon with an exciting new colorful post.