March 27, 2010

giveaway drawing date

how silly of me!
i forgot to announce when the drawing was for the giveaway!

april 5th! right after easter! 

ok.. now i think we're good!  

March 26, 2010

drum roll please! its announcment time!

its here! time to announce what all the fuss has been about and
why i've been so absent with my postings.

not to be to dramatic or anything.. (although a little drama can't hurt anyone!)..
can i get a drum roll please...!!?

i'm up on etsy

i'm going to be saleing - mini books

really small ones

some a little bigger

very limited edition kits - with the most fabulous embellishments..

and scraped journals..

also, wait for it.....

i'm up on Facebook!
(colorful scrapbooker - is my name)

so to celebrate all things new and fabulous - i'm doing a giveaway!! yay!

a hand made (by me of course) music chandelier

isn't it lovely!?
i will also start saleing chandelier kits on etsy - with different ribbon and size choices 
(at least that's the plan now)
but ya'll are getting the first one! i don't even have one for my room yet!
ok to get on with it..
there are lots of ways to enter for this giveaway...

check it out

1st - check out my etsy account and if you likey..
heart me as one of your favorites
2nd - friend me on facebook
3rd - follow my blog :) if you aren't already a follower.. ♥ ya'll
4th - write about all these fun happening on your own blog
5th - make a comment here.. telling me what you think about my etsy account. the giveaway, and whatever else you want.. or did to enter!!!

not to bad right?!

good luck and hope i see ya'll around soon!

March 24, 2010

michelle's email - pamela's giveaways & my "big" announcement... date

this morning i was doing my usual  cappuccino and check out the internet thingy.. and i got an email from michelle (thanks - what a way super nice surprise and thing of you.. sending tips and hints.. lord knows i need all the help i can get!) anyway, she gave me the MOST amazing link.. for calls and giveaways!

through some of my own investigations i ran a crossed pamela's blog which now i'm so excited about! she is doing a WEEK LONG marathon of giveaways and you just simply have to go check it out! today's is jillibean (ya'll know me and my jillibean) stamps, & mondays giveaway was a scarlet lime kit!! oh oh oh! how excited could one be to win that puppy!

ok, ok.. i'm ok.. breathing slower now... :) but seriously go check it out and come back here tomorrow for my " big" announcment!.. mabe they're be a giveaway involved with that too... ummm? got ya thinkin now hey?

March 22, 2010

a couple teasers before the "big announcment"

the scrap fairy was right!
there is something going on here at colorful scrapbooks

but i'm not quite ready to give everything away.. so here's a couple teasers of what i've been up too..

die cuts

& chipboard

tons of buttons - oh my!


 & paper of course

more books oh yes!

can't wait to share with you all its going to be soo much fun!!!

March 19, 2010

straight from the scrap fariy

"i'm the scrap fairy

and there is something deliciously exciting about to happen at colorful scrapbooks,
but mum's the word
rebekah said it was "top secert" all will be reveled soon enough!!

i'd keep checking back if i where you!" - the scrap fairy

March 14, 2010

the angles sang and the fibers fell from the heavens!

Do you ever get one of those moments where you’re so excited you’re not sure what to do? Clap, laugh, cry or jump up and down and hug the first person you see maybe a little longer or harder then you should. Well, I had one of those moments yesterday when I stopped in a store that I’ve been wanting to stop in for such a long time - I can’t remember since when.

Fine Yarn and Fibers Inc,.

It was on a whim, I just pulled in and opened the front door - I instantly heard angels sing, I was 5 pounds lighter on my feet and my face still hurts from all the smiling.. I told Rosalind the sales lady/owner that I was jumping up and down on the inside.

Anyway long story short.. I got a couple different fibers and some of the most amazing buttons I’ve ever seen “their European buttons” Rosalind informed me.. I said “oh I must come back. Even if its just to gaze at these gorgeous puppies!”

Here are my new treasures!

can't loose with a good neutral

this is an amazing color palette -  it will inspire many summer layouts!

this one goes perfectly with the basic grey line indian summer

as much as i love silver i use this gold/yellow color all the time.. always running out of this color of any sort of embelishment..

a feathery white - super cute!

the whole bunch of fibers wrapped on vintage spools

and for the lit'l things that have my face still hurting from smiling the piece l’ resistance - the must amazing buttons you've ever seen! 

the picture really doesn't capture the size  very well, but the brown one is about 3" and the other just a lit'l smaller.. i'm so excited to use them on a project! but for now their going to sit in my "new embelishments" bin.. until just the right idea come along..

March 11, 2010

latest layouts

here's a couple new layouts

hope you likey

March 9, 2010

things i'm loving right now

 1. the four agreements by don miguel ruiz

recently a friend gave me these cards..
and they have been a complete inspiration to me and my life right now.
thank you shamane, you're always such a doll!

2. crocheted flowers - i can't seem to get enough of them!

3. the black eyed peas new CD "the end"
which has found a permanent home in my car - replacing prince (that's a shoe to fill!)

4. aoe art supply

they have always been my favorite art supply store
but with a recent visit there (yesterday) i fell in love all over again!

5. date night = once a week

6. yoga
i've been doing an excellent job of keeping up with yoga everyday & i feel great!

7. laughing buddha

eric has a mini buddha (that looks just like this one here) 
he keeps on his dashboard..  every time i see it i can't help but smile

8. chandeliers

don't know why but i'm all about them right now
with or without lights.. just such classic beauty

9. forever XXI
there new spring line.. yeah i could gobble that up!

so that's what i'm about right now
what are you into right now?

March 6, 2010

fall festival mini

my latest mini has been a work in progress.. and i'm so excited to have finally finished!

alex in the maize

at the circus

with both my mom's

love the little flower on the "F".. can you see it?.... its a pale pink.. soooo cute!

love the chipboard on this collection - with bling.. its even better!


who doesn't love EMU's? there right up there with Llamas!
and the whole bikes in a cage thing... yeah.. that doesn't really seem safe... think i'll stick with scrapping!

father & son in the maize

the market - love the jams they have in there every year!

me with mom
joe with mom

love these little corner chips

dog on a stick - i laughed at this for at least 10 mins!
then bought one... with mustard... sooo yummy!

mom took this picture of alex and i love it!
front tooth missing - and just before christmas! how perfect!

isn't this true!? it seems like just last year he was starting school
now he's getting ready for 3rd grade this year!

family shot in the pumpkin patch

my sister n' law and me carrying our mini pumpkins of choice

loved this cardboard cutout of this guy wearing and apron
we named him Pacha (like in the movie the emporer's new grove)
and referred back to him pretty much all day

joe doing his classic conquer pose

carring the large pumpkin home...
can't wait to carve her!

love these metal flowers!

the end.

hunsader farms 2009
what fun that was!