May 30, 2011


there's a site of pure perfection!! 
being the amazingness it is i just have to share it
if you don't have your own account 
or you're not familiar RUN don't walk.. to check it out!!

you can find my page here which will give you an idea of all my favorite things, inspiration and current loves!

May 26, 2011

PUBLISHED!!... for real!

just got done vacuuming when i saw the mail person pull up then drive away again.. so i walked out to the end of the driveway opened the mail box - wow it was full! started sorting through some bills, junk... walk walking back towards the house... then dropped everything!! all i was holding was the new cricut magazine

 ...i knew.. knew i had to be in there... slowly i opened the cover... then faster and faster i flipped pages.. i need the index.. index.. wheres the index? i needed to find the page(s) of the home decor section! 
there it is page 54 

i could'nt get to p.54 fast enough!!

and there are my canisters right there on the front page of the 
home decor section!!
{check out the original post and how i made them here}

i teared up.. wow!! can't believe it really happened i'm published!! 
can't stop shaking i'm soo exited!! super HUGE smily face :)

May 25, 2011

the color room

in a previous post i mentioned a layout i redid 3 times.. well, this is it...
this week's palette #59

 the prob: trying to hard {plus these colors aren't my fav}
the solution: kept it simple then called it quits

 lovein this sand detail
you just "paint" it on and let it dry! amazing!

what do you think?? turn out ok?

May 24, 2011

my scrapbook nook... giveaway

this morning i was doing my usual cup of hazelnut coffee while visiting my favorite blogs when i popped onto my friend eila's blog dollops of scrap she's amazing and been such a sweetie!! remember the engagement layouts she made for me?? soo sweet of her! anyway, she had some more beautiful layouts she'd created and then.. she posted about a giveaway from a kit company i've never heard of on a challenge site i'd never heard of - well, a 2nd cup of coffee later i was all excited about checking out what all the hub-bub was about. its like i told eila i never order kits cause i like shopping... a lot! scrap shopping that is and that extra $3o+ that i would be "losing" if i ordered a kit but when i go to make a layout with blue, or pink.. maybe even red i don't have anything - cause i never get it! everything i have is green and orange its insane! so i think the perfect solution is a kit! well without further ado.. check out
cause they're kit this month is just down right nasty gorgeous!! and you could win it.. here how

How would you like to win one of these? 

The absolutely gorgeous May kit from My Scrapbook Nook??

Once Upon A ..Sketch is giving one, right now!!

All you need to do is this..

1. Follow the Once Upon A ...Sketch Blog
2. Copy this exact information and post about this on your blog, together with the May kit picture and a link back to Once Upon A Sketch
3. Make sure you also post the information about the current offer at the Nook listed below. 
3. Link your post using the Link Tool at the bottom of this post!

That is it! You have until the end of the current challenge, which is midnight May 31st, Australian Eastern Standard Time. I will draw a random winner soon after.

My Scrapbook Nook is offering a wonderful offer for a limited time only!Sign up for 6 months and receive the May kit for free......great deal! 

Or Sign up for 12months and get the 13th kit free!!!!!!!!!

  Kits value between $31- $34 – Yours for only $29.50. This way we ensure that you receive a fully loaded kit each month. We will also offer combined shipping with any add-ons or goodies from the store you need.

Tell a friend and if they sign up email us at and give us your friends name and we will give you a $5.00 store credit. Good only while supplies last.
go for it!!

May 23, 2011

inner battle

i'm not one to cover up how i feel or masquerade around the misery or loathing i sometimes carry ~ on the other hand if i'm excited then people around me can just tell. i have no type of a poker face and admire those that can carry immense loads on their shoulders and never let off that they are going through a huge struggle. ok getting closer to the point {another "fault"/personality trait of mine is i blab... endlessly! sometimes i hear myself while talking and think "what the heck am i talking about.. shut up!} anyway...

for the past two years this blog has been a {without being to dramatic} driving force for me in developing my own crafting skill by keeping a "journal"/blog about my crafting process and i've enjoyed every minute {well, almost..} meeting new friends and being inspired by others is a huge motivator in my world.. but i've been struggling with something and its about my crafting so i thought it only appropriate to write about it.

when i toil with something i try to masquerade around the truth and make fun or laugh as to avoid what i'm really feeling and i can tell that's now what i'm doing with my crafting... but why? for some time i've wanted to do more with my scrapbook/crafting but what? how? i've been inspired by so many other crafters that started their own business or have a successful etsy shoppes and nothing has worked for me {to date} yet the fact that i want something bigger hasn't changed but grown so what do i do.. and how do i do it? this is my inner battle

May 22, 2011

wedding scrap supplies

this is all the embellishments! i laid them all out to get a better idea of what i had.. so i thought i would share with you all my wedding supply purchases over the passed couple months in preparation of creating our wedding album! 
oh and get comfy ~ maybe pore a nice glass of wine cause this is the longest post i've ever created!

 mr. fluffy here was not purchased for our wedding album however he does like to consider himself a large contribution to whatever topic is at hand..

 these are leftover fabric scraps from all the DIY projects - like my ballero and flower, the table clothes and so on.. these should be fun to incorporate into the album somehow

 this is a super BAD picture {sorry}.. but it is of the leftover silk flowers i used in the wedding bouquets - plan on incorporating  them somehow

 super stocked about this "spritz board"! it was the only one left and was on sale for just a couple bucks! 

all the stickers i've contained to one turn table as to not be too temped to use on other projects and layouts.. however some of it might be.. its just so dang yummy!!

these are my stickers, rub-ons and such

 my mother in law got this sticker pack for me - cause the bridge is JUST LIKE the isle i walked down - which was soooo long they had to play my song twice!

ok, so that about sums up the embellishments... prob need a little more don't you think? :)

now for die-cuts and paper!

Collage pack containing 15 pages of Vintage St. Patrick's themed images, including images of authentic Vintage St. Patrick's Day Greeting Cards by Tweety Jill 
this cost a small fortune! but it's going to be totally worth it in the end!! they are gorgeous!
check it out here

"curio" from Basic Grey

didn't really get all of this.. but i wanted to include it in this post to remind myself that some of it would really work in the with the album very well! 

check out those "pops" they are stunning!

the alpha stickers are a must and those stamps.. can i hear you running out the door... or opening another page to order them! oh yes!! they are gorgeous!
 embellishments from here

prob wouldn't use to much of this in the wedding book.. but ya know..
die-cuts sold here

some of the papers in here are the most gorgeous of all the papers i've gotten for the album!
 paper pack from here

 st. patrick's day tags by best creations inc. how perfect are these!! yes!
from here

best creations inc. paper from here
 all the above beat creations papers i bought several each.. after all these were the most fantastic st.patricks day papers i could find!

oh and here's some more i bought! 
this one will be used for the reception.. i already know what picture!!

the following are the rest of the collection (same as above) but my local store didn't carry - so i'm planning to order online - cause i LOVE it sooooo much! 
yummy stickers!
i mean seriously!! can it get any better?!

i think i'm foaming at the mouth!

this would be the perfect sheet to journal and scrap about all the special song/music of our big day

this is just a plan and simple must have!