January 30, 2010

cook book - cosmo cricket style

over the years i've collected 100's of recipes that have caught my eye.
once collected i then catagorize them in a labeled folder of whatever type of recipe it is.. and never use it. umm.. yeah - what's the point right?
so i thought i would assemble a recipe book for all those un-used recipes and get to cooking!
its a project long over due!

all finished and hanging on my "completed line"

up first is beverages. the 1st thing you normally order at a restaurant and the most important. Not sure if its my greek heritage or if its just me - but I really love eating & I believe the right beverage sets the mood for what the meal is going to be.

next - appitizers. (my 2nd favorite layout in the bunch)   

who doesn't love a soup & salad? they just go together!

side dishes

ohh the main dish - i'm thinking rack of lamb
or possibly a simple crab platter oh oh somebody stop me!

what's your favorite main dish?

my favorite layout - desserts! now we're talking (i'm getting hungry!)
my favorites are:
blueberry pie
& brownie pudding.. oh i was raised on that & it doesn't get any better!

bread - yes i make a lot of bread but i have to admit quick breads are my favorite (no yeast)
my favorites are:
banana chocolate chip 
 & zucchini

this is for everything that didn't fit into one of the above titles
there are all kinds of garnish ideas, sauces and so on that are fun to make and easy!

so there ya go - my recipe book in progress
now all i have to do is go through all those those files and organize the recipes into sheet protectors & into a 3 ring binder, add these and i've got myself some cookin to do!

January 29, 2010

bead city

in my wonderings of the internet i came upon a finding http://www.beadcity.com/ a local bead store i've never been too! can it be! needless to say i'm going there first thing monday and excited about it! i'll let you know how the adventure goes. that's all for now. laterhosen

January 27, 2010

a survey aka i've got something up my sleeve

been doing some thinking - which is always dangerous.. Ask anyone! :)
I want to make things a little more exciting around here. The giveaway was so much fun and I was woundering what else could be done to create a little more interaction between us.

after looking through about 100,000,000,000,000.00 blogs,
websites & buying a couple things online.. That I probably didn’t need.. But reaaaally wanted ok, ok, I needed them! - anyway, I came up with an idea; drum roll please.. make crafting kits!

everyone loves a kit non-scrapbookers & scrapbookers - alike.
reasons for loving a kit:
A. all the cute stuff… hello
B. it has everything you need to make - (see below)
C. it has instructions to make - (see below)
D. do you really need another reason?

The kit(s) would have instructions to make either;
3-5 cards, a mini book or a craft project.

So my survey question is this;
would you rather have the option of a kit to make your own craft project
or get something pre-made?

your opinions please…

January 26, 2010

random musing of my times in england

latley its been all about the double layouts for me, and "random musings of my times in england" is my latest one. i'm totally loving it but mostly the maya road ribbon i got for $1.!!! - how amazing is that?!
i need more - a lot more!

the layout is hanging on my ikea wire above my desk -
where i hang all my projects (excluding mini books of course)
once finished

hand stitched heart on linen square.. awww

hope you enjoy my musings of england

January 25, 2010

back - from the perfect weekend

This past weekend was perfect! Is consisted of everything a perfect weekend should; serious board gaming (D&D is you‘re wondering), lots of food, family, sleeping in, lots of food, laughing at the cats, rolling in cat nip, lots of food - did I mention that already? and amazing weather - for indoor gaming.

Unfortunately, the only thing that made it less perfect is the lack of scraping, harry potter and bloging - but since that’s all I’ve been doing lately it was nice to take a break! But I’m back from the weekend with scissors and glue in hand  ready to scrap the days away - except I’m going to spend the afternoon… working out (to a new palates wii workout) and cleaning!

January 22, 2010


in response to catalyst number ninety-seven: When in life have you felt most alone? from the blog

my response is the following:

inside of the envelope a tag says;

Creative therapy is an interactive blog

This is the first project which I have participated.

“Catalyst Ninety-Seven
When in life have you felt most alone?”

When I was living & working in NYC I was young, ambitions and ready to learn the ways of the “world” but what I secretly longed for - was home.

Everyone was to busy in their own lives to “take time for the coffee” it was a cold and lonely time for me, but I learned what was really important and what I really wanted out of life - it wasn’t a big fancy job or the coolest apt in the city. I wanted friends and most of all - my own family.

I rediscovered my love for the small colorful things in life and that’s when my scrapbooking & paper arts really started taking off. It was a lonely time yes, but looking back it was also a time of reflection and personal growth.

January 21, 2010

valentines giveaway - we have a winner!

Well the time has arrived to announce the winner of my first giveaway

a valentines mini book

and the winner is (drum roll please!)

callie martinez

callie please email me at: colorfulscrapbooker@gmail.com
with your information of where you would like the scrapbook sent to.

Hope you enjoy

January 20, 2010

the little bench

remember that little $5. bench i found antiquing this past weekend?
well she's had a little transformation.. this is her story..

first things first she needed a polish
then i painted her belly & legs black

then with my newly purchased hot glue gun, glue of course, tack nails and unpolstry nails

i applied batting on the top - hot glued and tacked down

once she was covered in batting i cut the fabric (which was a scrap left over from making my curtains) applied it over the batting and finished the edges with the newly purchased antique lace and unpolstery nails

isn't she pretty.. and to think she's just to rest my feet on.. so sweet a bench for such a job!

January 19, 2010

flowers from my honey

flowers, something about them make me smile when i see them sitting in a room.. it lightens everything up! when the house is a mess or even when its clean, having a good day or bad, but the best flowers are the surprise flowers that eric brings home - to me! :) here's the latest

ya know i have so many pictures of flowers he's gotten me.. um... an idea is coming to me.. wait for it, wait... i should make a mini book of all of them! yes, i like that idea.. i'll work on that! :)

January 17, 2010

antiquing frenzy!

the next couple posts were all planned out.. but i'm going to jump the game and tell you what an exciting time we ( my mom, mother in law & me) had antiquing yesterday!

since there is so much to say and show i'll get right into it!

this was the first place we went
(and i'm holding the little bench that i have great plans for.. to be shown later)

my two mothers - at the secound antique mall we went to

just loved this window.. but it was "display only"!
i mean really?! who does that? put their best thing "display only!"

some things about antiquing scare the crap out of me.. like antique toys.. who would let their kid play with these.. i was creepin just takin the picture!

the old photos.. they are always a little creepy too!

but this bench.. now this is cute! and $5! yay! i have plans for it.. but i'll have to show you all that later - after all i did just get it yesterday!

sheet music is always a good find! these two i got for 50 cents

i really liked this sheet - i plan on making 4 tags of them.

this was the find of the day! i'm soo excited about using this!

my plan as of now is - maybe line the bottom with old sheet music.. thought that would look super cool!
what i'm going to use it for was hold very small scrap items
like brads, mini screws, findings, pins.. you know that kind of thing.. it will be super easy access!
the best part was it was $3.!

these i have planned for a double layout and for a buck each - thought it would be worth it!

this lace will be awsome.. with something - not sure yet but.. its gunna be great whatever it is!

up close on pink

up close on cream..

this now this is sooo exciting and got for only $12.. thought that was a pretty good deal!!

can you see them in the wrappings?

how about now? there are 6 altogether

this one is my favorite!

but how awomse is this one!

large raindrops

small to large rain drops..
i'm thinking i'm going to make some type of chandiler/ mobil out of them
any ideas?

this i acctually got a while back
it was tan with gold accents - so of course that had to go - i spray painted it silver and hand painted the green, black white and glitter accents

this was a $2. goodwill find that still had the target wrapping on it there was a big chip in the upper left corner so i covered it up with a little something something..

this is what i'm doing with them the little shelf is for my doodlebug velvet and stickles the silver shelf for a newly finished mini book - which right now happenes to be the givaway mini!

this plate rack was erics idea to hold some extra books
so i painted it black and lovein havin the extra book storage!

so there ya go! most all my new stuff, firniture and projects - there are 2 things i didn't show ya'll have to wait for those