January 16, 2010

muslin book

you know that earth love line from cosmo cricket i was all excited about working with a few posts ago.. well after a warm bath and a glass or two of wine... i designed this - the muslin book.
i'm really excited about it! in fact, so excited i stayed up till 5am to finish it! now all i have to do is add all the fun earth love papers, ribbions and embelishments! this is gunna be fun!

i started with two yards of muslin fabric
put the salvages (edges of fabric) together and ironed

pulled my tools
(love these sissors - which i still have from college)

i drew a 12.5 x 9.5 inch block on the top half and cut out
since the fabric was folded in half - i now have two blocks - front & back
the .5 inch was added for sewing allowances

then i cut out some very thin batting in the same size as the muslin block

and sewed the 3 pieces together - wrong side out (batting showing)
after sewing i turned them right side out
then sewed a finished seam around the edges so the previous fabric block - now "page" will lay flat

hammered on eyelets
(which i ran out of so i must get another package to finish asap!)

put an X-large ring through the eyelet

and there ya go
my new baby book base
made by hand with love for baby to be

p.s. i know it looks a little boring right now but
when i finish (which i will post about of course) it will be a lively colorful fun baby book!
can't wait to dig into this one more!

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