January 27, 2010

a survey aka i've got something up my sleeve

been doing some thinking - which is always dangerous.. Ask anyone! :)
I want to make things a little more exciting around here. The giveaway was so much fun and I was woundering what else could be done to create a little more interaction between us.

after looking through about 100,000,000,000,000.00 blogs,
websites & buying a couple things online.. That I probably didn’t need.. But reaaaally wanted ok, ok, I needed them! - anyway, I came up with an idea; drum roll please.. make crafting kits!

everyone loves a kit non-scrapbookers & scrapbookers - alike.
reasons for loving a kit:
A. all the cute stuff… hello
B. it has everything you need to make - (see below)
C. it has instructions to make - (see below)
D. do you really need another reason?

The kit(s) would have instructions to make either;
3-5 cards, a mini book or a craft project.

So my survey question is this;
would you rather have the option of a kit to make your own craft project
or get something pre-made?

your opinions please…


  1. I would love the kit! I am big into making cards and scrapbooking an all that...yes I would love it made...but if I could do it myself..that would make me smile :)

  2. Hello, Thanks for visiting me so that I could find you ! :) I would say a kit. I have wondered this too although already already made sells too! Andrea