January 24, 2011


after a long day ~ getting dinner ready wasn't on eric or i's "want to do" list
we ordered pizza while going over budget and wedding details 
and sitting at our new dinning room table! yay!
when the door bell rings
umm? who could that be...?
i opened the door while holding belle back by the collar
she was totally ready to jump this person interrupting her pizza crust treat!
but no one was there.. just a little box sitting on the doormat
ok? i wasn't expecting anything.. but it had my name on it.. i ripped it open 
while eric is telling me you need to "simmer down with all your online shopping"?
but eric... "i'm not expecting anything"? 

this is what it was...

scrapbook papers!

and not just any paper

WEDDING paper!
you can't tell me that's a coincidence

how beautiful!

eric went to look at the credit card balance online... "are you sure you didn't order that"?! 

the whole line of best creations new bridal line!
and they're double sided pages!


oh and that's not all.. no no.. it wasn't just wedding papers..

it was beach papers too!
are you kidding me?!

also double sided!

and the detailing is gorgeous!

really sparklie!  
whoever sent it - wherever it came from 

January 23, 2011


there was no question as to what our main wedding flower was going to be 
its was hydreangea all the way
they are such a beautiful and romantic flower
and it doesn't hurt they are my sentimental and a personal favorite
maybe its cause we had them in our yard growing up
 or maybe its cause its the only flower i can't seem to kill.. not like i try to kill my flowers.. but seriously 
my brother rain over my periwinkle blue bush with his truck (thanks james...) and it bounced right back!
wow! now that's my kinda flower!

our faux hydrangeas are piling over in the quest room! 
here they are.. all 40 of them!

i can thank dockside for the $2.99 price
but i can't thank my mother in law enough for getting them! 
she's such a doll!
and they will always be sentimental to me for her generosity 
and well, cause they're going to be all over our wedding!
my plans for them after wedding?
the most gorgeous centerpiece/centerpieces you've ever seen!

January 22, 2011

cocktail hour

besides our first dance 
we wanted to make a "must play - play list" 
but somehow the videos and music we found the best.. 
just wasn't what i think our guests would appreciate 
for cocktail hour... this was our favorite.. what do you think?
although you can't loose with Akon!

January 21, 2011

our first dance

last night eric and i snuggled up on the couch 
red velvet cake and milk in hand 
and searched for our first dance song 
but somehow ended up watching this video 15 times!
how could you not love someone that loves laughs with you? 
what was your first dance song? 

January 17, 2011

antique matinee

a recent antique trip with my mother in law (to be) 
this is what i got

a bag full o' buttons

large yellow trim - yummy!

large orange - i'm in love!

 these doilies are just fab!

 and this bright pink lace!

all these fun finds are going to be amazing on some project!

January 16, 2011

thank you

a recent card i made for my mother in law (to be)

January 14, 2011


our wedding photographer 
was the biggest decision and i can say without a doubt 
i couldn't be more happy with our final decision!

i can proudly announce that reid will be shooting our big day
check out all his gorgeous work !!

cast your vote

which is your favorite? 

1. a simple star 
in our case it would be a seashell

2. long green sash

3. ribbon
4. ribbon in bow with decor detailing

5. sash in knot

6. long banded sash

leave your vote in the comment box!

January 13, 2011

reception decor

shiela my mother an law to be and i were driving down an 8 lane divided hwy when she saw a decor store.. 
"oh rebekah.. their having a sale"! i quickly crossed 4 lanes of traffic and made the quickest right hand turn ever! this is what we ended up getting! what a find!

that's just about everything i needed for the reception decor!
in one stop!

oh and with every purchase over $100 you get a $25 gift certificate! yay!
so naturally i went back and bought out the store of all their hydrangeas!

st patricks day chic

the other day i called a very well known (will remain nameless) craft store and asked the lady at the other
end what wedding/st patricks day/green ivory "stuff" they had in the store for my st patricks day wedding...
 her response... "well, everyone knows st patricks day is cheep plastic and corny so we won't have anything here to help you... but i'm sure you could find something online! good luck"... click!
with the exception of that lady everyone has been very helpful and i've gotten loads of ideas for our st paticks day wedding! but the funny thing is.. i did end up going to that store anyways.. this is what i found & bought..

 a whole trunk chock full o' stuff!

 this fabulous rose "ribbon"

2 yards of white large roses
all they had left

 5 yards of green roses
 (oh what a pretty ring)


stuffages.. for our engagement book i'm still working on... geez

ivory flowers!
 can't get enough of these!

 more bling! and its green!

 glitter bling!

 just cause... hey i couldn't help myself
love me some punky!

 fun stuff here people!

so there is always a silver lining at the end of a hopeful rainbow!
here's hoping your st patricks day is super chic!

January 12, 2011

mini rainbows

my engagement solitaire!
1 carat round ~ tiffany setting
this ring is so gorgeous... when i'm driving there are mini rainbows all over my car!
i think only a lucky diamond could do that!
paired with my band which has 10 round diamonds its a stunning combo!


the cake tasting was too much fun! 
for all our quests i will keep the final selection a surprise.. 
but i'm here to tell ya ~ our cake is gonna be worth the wait!

January 11, 2011

fitting 1.11.11

how lucky is it.. my fitting and alteration appointment for my wedding dress is today, so naturally i've already gotten the underwear and shoes ~ which are being custom made!
 can't wait to show you them! *wink

*note ~ only the mother's have seen my dress and it will remain a surprise until the day of!

January 10, 2011

mother in law

i'm the luckiest bride to be! my mother in law doesn't fit any stereo type! she is the most amazing mother in law ever! or maybe we just get along so well cause she is so much like her son! anyhow she was here last week and what a blast we had together! we bonded in a way we haven't in the 5 years we've known each other.. maybe that's just what wedding planning does to 2 ladies.. or maybe we just clicked.. i'm inclined to think it was a little combo of both! she went way beyond with ideas, helpful hints encouragement and i even overheard her telling angela (the wedding planner) how much she loved me! it would have been really embarrassing.. if i didn't love it so much! hehe
thanks sheila for making such a special time in my life even more loving and memorable!
oh and john.. thanks for giving up sheila for a while!....


using polyvore i created this inspiration board for our wedding


with so much planing and details coming together its funny everyone has the same question - where are you getting married? until this week i didn't have an answer but thursday that changed! we booked our location and now its back to the details and i'm excited to be working with angela (my wedding planner) on all the details at honeymoon island!

January 5, 2011

all new in 2011

this year was brought in with a total bang
1st off there was an open call for submissions for scrapbook trends 
the new cricut magazine - june/july issue! i sent 9 submissions!

1. kitchen canisters
2. colorful banner
3. labeled organizing boxes
4. baby vrocher layout
5. grandma layout
6. me and myself layout
7. sooo adorable layout
8. rambunctious layout
 9. school zone layout

i would have done more.. but i was so busy making 2 other minis ~
taking down xmas ~ drinking baileys and eggnog ~ building and setting up (with eric) our new entertainment center (from ikea) ~ sleeping in and having a great new year's party that i swear lasted for 2 days.. and many bottles .. :) what i'm i thinking.. i could have totally sent more in! wink wink!

most importantly though i've been designing our wedding invitations!
not quite ready for a reveal there.. but think i can leave ya with a sneak peek... nah.. i'll make ya wait a little longer! hehe..

have a good one!

January 3, 2011

a lucky year

wow! its only 4 days into 2011 and i've already accomplished and set out to do more then ever! 
this is going to be the best yet!  but before i go on with 2011 let's look back at 2010

the year started off with our engagement & my favorite minis to date
and a not so mini.. but still a favorite cosmo cricket cookbook

2010 projects! like my favorite bench which i use every day & the eiffel tower
but the best project was my queen of hearts atc card

can't forget my 1st giveaway

boy where there tons of color room layouts and even more but my favorite for sure is palette 23

then of course i did daily favorites.. which are a favorite but my fav from 2010 is still my favorite 

there was a facebook status also..

and 2010 went out with a bang with a huge craft room makeover part 1
and part 2

but, you'll just have to pop back later to find what i'm doing in 2011!
have a great one all!