October 19, 2015

Monthly Kits: October 2015

January thru July is just filler, the best part of the year.. the cream cheese frosting starts in August with my birthday (that's how I roll) then is quickly following by Labor Day, my son's birthday (Sep 12th), then wam bam its Halloween season which is pumpkin lattes and baking, comfy leggings and boots but the best thing about this glorious season is the color pallet. Mmmmmmmm.  I'm a sucker for anything orange and it's so much easier to get away with it in autumn. 
I'm fairly new to Kit Subscriptions. Just started this past May to help capture/create a daily life album of our family. Creating all my own supply & cards was becoming way to time consuming and honestly with the price of some of these kits I couldn't help myself. It costs more to drive to the local art supply store (the closest one is an hour away) then I end up spending twice as much in person and sometimes don't even get what I needed in the first place! Like when you go to the market for eggs and milk and walk out with chocolate and coffee.. not that i've ever done that of course! 
Anyhow...  When all the sneak peaks starting coming out for October - everything was so gorgeous!
I knew I was in 'trouble' (insert happy face emoji here!) Add-ons all around! 

So, here are Kits I received + their add-ons for October. 

Let's start with Studio Calico. When I was deciding to join a Kit Club I heard mixed reviews about them but joined anyway and glad I did however, October is my 6 month commitment and I'm planning to switch it up next month. I'd also like to add to me SC was a Basic Kit. It has all the basic/simple cards, tools and embellishments that any collection needs. However, it would be difficult for me to subscribe to ONLY them for that reason. In any persons work you need to interject your own personality (depending on your personality.. is how much you should add.. haha just kidding.. no really.. BWHAAAAA) (sorry) ok, moving on. 

Studio Calico's October 2015 Pocket Page kit.

+ Add-ons!

The card stock on left is just for general crafting and the right is for my December Daily which i haven't decided on a Kit yet for.. 

My favorites of everything SC are...

A little mix of supply for our fall family album & my DD 

This is for my DD excited to use these so much! 

How flippin cool is this wood stamp! Almost don't want to use it..

favorite SC 3x4 cards (see what i mean by simple and basic?)

favorite SC 4x6 cards
Every month SC does this month title card. The color changes of course but find that this is one of those awesome basics I just love. 

Next up Gossamer Blue 

This is the subscription Kit which is shown wrapped in tissue in the picture above. The color scheme this month I thought was quite interesting. Not sure I'd ever thought to use that mauvy lavender in autumn but its interesting.. looking forward to see how it mixes with my 'traditional' fall colors which are in the other kits.

IS this Add-on yummy or what!?! 

Love these types of stamps! 
They're perfect for so many different types of crafting. Everyone should own at least 12! :)

Favorite embellishments in the GB kit + add-on this month.

Favorite GB cards

Because I use it as a 'personality' filler, Gossamer Blue has been a hit and miss for me. Some months it gets me and I completely LOVE it.. others, I don't even order the add-ons.

There is only one kit out of the 3 I'm currently getting where every month I'm in love and order every add-on I can get. that's... Scraptastic!

Fresh out of the box this is my Scraptastic October kit + add-ons.

Pocket Page Kit

This card is interesting..

would you use it and a bon fire card.. or

at the salon/getting your hair did card??
I'm leaning towards the hair...

thin washi

there might be a small love affair going on with these woodies.. i mean wood veneers!

Vellum has to be a favorite texture but that cork.. be still my heart!


I'm not even going to pretend like I could narrow down a few favorites?

4x6 this color combo though... in love!

Now for the add-ons. They are both halloween.

love those orange glitter alphas!

papers  are so yummy!!

any ideas how to use that moon paper? maybe 4x4 cards? a full sheet insert display? not sure yet..

here are the embellishments..

 To me halloween isn't about being scary or deathly.. I'm not here to celebrate something sad or creepy but I do love the idea of fantasy of mythical and imagination!! To me that's what I celabrate in halloween. Ok, lets face it the truth is I'm just trying to pretend that Hogwarts does exist and I CAN go through the platform at 9&3/4!!!
Anyway, all that to say for me.. these fabulous acrylics won't be used together but very much apart. My idea for the magic.. not sure - but that scary I knew immediately. You ever have that happen? See something and know just what you're using it for. It's going to go with a photo shoot I did of corbin where he was so damn cute it was scary!! Haha i can't help it.. I make cute babies!

These die cuts are freaky cause i feel like that's totally my profile!! Totally! (my nose might be large just saying.. its ok, i've excepted it..)

These are crazy perfect in a kinda of odd way... but for you to understand why or how you have to understand a little personal back story. My husband has a bone decease where his bones die. For whatever reason the blood stops transferring to the bone and well. It dies. So this year alone he's had 2 surgeries. A double hip replacement. Weird sad story but that's what I'm keeping this project life album for, our life story. Good, bad and sad.. really had no clue how I was going to create the layout for these two days of surgery but.. these cards are for sure going to be used! perfectly!

Well, that's it for October! already can't wait for November!! 

October 10, 2015

20+ Things About Me

Ok, its been a couple years since my last post. I became a mom, give me some slack! You know how they say its the hardest job. Whoever they are.. they're right. The BEST by far but the most difficult I've ever had for sure. So to introduce the 'new' and reintroduce the old me - here are '20 Things About Me' However, I'm just so darn interesting I couldn't narrow the list to 20 so this is 20+ things about me. :)

1. My full name is Rebekah Ruth Krueger.
2. My birthday is August 17th and I'm 100% Leo.
3. I am the only one in my family with red hair.
4. My mothers family is from Samos, Greece.
5. I love Thai food and curry. The best I’ve had was in London, nothing in the States compares.
6. Met my hubby at a friends party which she threw just so we would meet - she tried to set us up prier but neither of us would go on a blind date. We got a house together 3weeks after meeting. We've been together over 9 years and live in Tampa, Florida.
7. I have two sons. My Corbin is 2.5 and Alex my step son is 13.
8. I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar. I mean low.
9. When I was 13 weeks pregnant I passed out in the bathroom and cracked my head open on the tile floor. As a result had 7 staples above my right ear.
10. Giving birth was way easier than I thought, I'd give birth a dozen times before getting pregnant again.
11. Being a mother has made me a better person. Period.
12. I moved to NYC 5 months before 9/11 with $1500 to my name. Ended up doing quite well with an apartment in Gramercy Park and job at Michael Miller Fabrics.
13. While living in New York, I was bullied for being anorexic. I'm not. Never have been. However, before Corbin I was thin but pregnancy gave me what thankfully seems to be permanent curves.
14. I LOVE coffee. Hot or iced.
15. I can't stand artificial sweeteners. They make me sick at my stomach.
16. I don’t drink soda.
17. I love yoga & lifting weights.
18. My grandmother was a pattern maker for Broadway. Her favorite costumes were for Alice and Wonderland's Through The Looking Glass.
19. I was homeschooled from elementary to high school. 95% of even my close friends don't know that.. (I never talk about it. Never.)
20. I went to the International Academy of Design and majored In fashion design. Had a 4.0 but quit to move to New York.
21. I competed with the Toast of Tampa Show Chorus and we placed 4th at international. That was epic!
22. I’m a little bit of a geek.. I love overly involved board games, you know the kind that take a whole weekend to play like dungeons and dragons, love them and when i really want to vegg out I play video games.
23. i dislike; Facebook, sewing sleeves, country music, fake people, the color maroon and wish i had more of a ‘green thumb’.
24. I love to; draw, doodle, sew, paint. I love zentangle, mixed media, project life, scrapbooking, bookmaking, bookbinding, fashion design & sketching, color, interior design, architecture, you name it.. if its even close to one of these categories, i love it.. like live for it - love it!
25. I've just started a small creative business 'Chartreuse Reilly' which I have big hopes and ideas for.
Ok, there you have it. Learn anything new about me?