December 2, 2010

holiday vacation

ya know i feel some cyber beauty sleep coming on 
so i'm going to take a holiday from blogging for the month of december

all this work, wedding planing and holidays are just soo much fun!
there's going to be tons to talk about in the new year! so i'll see ya then! 

happy holidays an drink and extra glass of champagne for me!

November 25, 2010

the color room

this week's palette
(how perfect is this for thanksgiving day!!)

yeah.. ok are those my colors are what?! i was so excited about this color palette i created 3 layouts.. so get comfortable and check em' out!

1st layout =

is a masculine expression of the given palette... 
the picture is of my honey, last christmas checking out his new watch (isn't he gorgeous?!)

2nd layout =

is a bright expression of the given palette...
and of course is completely self explanatory.  obviously i love orange! my car is the color palette!

3rd layout =

is a sweet & gentle expression of the given palette...
this is one of my favorite pictures of me as a little girl so it deserves a few extra die-cuts and love.. and i just love all the layers and sweet little birds singing a lullaby while i lay sleeping

and that's what i did with palette #32!

hope all of you are having a wonderful thanksgiving.. now go and get some more pie!!

November 18, 2010

color room: thursday

 the latest color palette from the color room

this is what i created

its a big lively! but fun.ner and that's what i love about it..

November 15, 2010

curly wurly shampoo from lush


above fashions from forever 21

boots from aldo

guess this favorites is almost more of a christmas wish list.. then just stuff i'm totally digging right now.. anywho

November 12, 2010


2 page layout "colors"

made completely out of scraps

left page

right page

flower detail

felt heart detail and tag

hidden tag says:
purple was my favorite color growing up. i disliked gray, maroon and navy but only cause they were dad's favorites. part of growing up and becoming my own person was rediscovering color from my own perspective and reinventing how i see each hue. i've discovered gray's neutral property's and how rich and elegant it can be.. with any color! but my favorites as an adult are without a doubt orange, green (brighter the better) aqua blue and brown! i love the rainbow and all colors.. because now i see them from a free point of view -not jaded or perverted but light, free spirited and feeling they bring to me and they sing life! i'm in love and its with color! nov 2010