November 12, 2010


2 page layout "colors"

made completely out of scraps

left page

right page

flower detail

felt heart detail and tag

hidden tag says:
purple was my favorite color growing up. i disliked gray, maroon and navy but only cause they were dad's favorites. part of growing up and becoming my own person was rediscovering color from my own perspective and reinventing how i see each hue. i've discovered gray's neutral property's and how rich and elegant it can be.. with any color! but my favorites as an adult are without a doubt orange, green (brighter the better) aqua blue and brown! i love the rainbow and all colors.. because now i see them from a free point of view -not jaded or perverted but light, free spirited and feeling they bring to me and they sing life! i'm in love and its with color! nov 2010

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