December 28, 2009

christmas table centerpeice

ok the holidays are over and i have 1 million new projects to talk about! all the gifts and layouts i've been working on - crafts and (drum roll please) the centerpiece for our christmas dinner table! i had fun making this - there was a lot to it.. but in the end completely worth it.. here's what i did.

i should mention macy (my sister in law) did help cut out all these flower petals! thanks macy!
first i determend the size of flower i wanted which was 6" so, i cut the largest flower petals (bottom layer of petals) 3" long so the finished flower would be 6" around.
then i/macy cut 6 each of all 3 sizes (per flower).

this is flower pre.. stickles glitter and pearl beads

turned out pretty good.. but for sure needed all the finishing touches!

then came the glitter - the funnest part - and the leaves i thought were much needed. i let them to dry on a cut open paper bag (from lush) :)

this is the stickles glitter i used.. love this stuff and have it in almost every color distressed and not!

after the glitter dried i poked a hole in the middle and drove these wired pearl beads (that where bought at michel's for a huge bunch for $5. and i use them all the time on "things" as accents.) down the center in clusters of 3. then attached a green wire to the back as a stem to hold the flower in the glass.

thought they turned out pretty good and i might make a couple little somethings to go with and display them in my scrapbook room as a full bouquet.

the green balls in the glass are styrofoam and where bought (a couple years ago) as a bunch of grape clusters at big lots. i normally put them in the christmas tree but this year they where being called for something else.

the center flower i thought needed a little more.. so i added a little pale green tulle cut into petals and dotted with glitter. note if you make these - be sure to dry the tulle on wax paper.. because it will stick to a paper bag!
thanks guys! and hope you try flowering too!!

December 6, 2009

hand cut fabric flowers

one of my latest favorite things is fabric in scrapbooking; it can be used in any way but a fun and easy way is hand cut flowers and over the thanksgiving holidays inbetween 2nd's and dear i say 3rds and beyound i cut flowers.
some Tulle fabric i thought would be a great layering flower.. add a huge button or even some jewles to the top layer!
here is some scrap leather and sueade i had from a differant project and some appholtery fabric left over from i don't even remember.. but i think it was cornice boards... and that would have been a good couple of years ago!

love the way a cheese cloth looks or just a simple muslin which by the way will hold dyes and inks really great!
they are super easy to make with any scrap of fabric if you have any flower shape just trace onto fabric with a pencil (on wrong side of fabric) with a dark fabric you should use either a white color pencil or a good trick is an old bar of soap that the edges have become "sharp" from so much usage.
trase out as many flowers as desired or fit onto the scrap and cut out with sharp fabric sissors! layer and use as your imagionation can create!

December 2, 2009

new supplies for christmas gifts (and some just for me!)

so here's my latest shopping spree - actually it's two shopping extravaganzas! how fun right! eirc even went along with me on a visit to the scrapbook shoppe we had loads of fun.. ok maybe i had loads of fun - but he liked seeing all the fishing papers and actually wanted to get them.. all of them! so here is my break down and evidence of all the shopping, most of it being for making christmas presents but some are thrown in there for me - super fun style!
the tim holtz.. well, everyone should ALWAYS be stocked in tim holtz but i do have one gift inperticular that i had in mind when buying these. the ribbion and flowers are totally me! love them things but i'm sure they'll sneek themselves into someones book somewhere.. the borders well, they are my newest answer for everything - a mistake an edging whatever! so i bought 12 colors and cut a load of borders from the accu-cut at ruban rouge they will com ein handy for sure! the cork is going to be amazing - can't say what i'm using it for and the grunge paper.. ok i have to admit i've never used it but i know its the time to try cause with what i'm making my mom this year.. its going to be perfect!

the borders up close! i'm so excited to start using them.. next to ribbion, inbetween papers.. oh how fun this scrap stuff can be!

this 7 gypsies tape is amazing i can't seem to ever get enough - again this is for my mom's gift along with the basic grey rub-ons! can't wait to even see this "book" myself! all the above stuff i got at ruban rouge.

this is the shopping spree that eric and i did together. the fabrics, batting and punches i got on sale at jo-anns (while eric was in aports athority)

i was so excited to fine this early bird collection at scrapbook shoppe! i've looked everywhere else!! so i of course got a couple pages of everything they had! the stand... well, you'll have to wait to find out more about that...

the eylets, pins and mini clear evenvelopes are for a baby book i'm making! can't wait to start that one after the holidays.. its going to be made out of fabric like and "old" baby book i had growing up.

this is the fabric i'll be using to make the base of the book; muslin, batting and tulle.. its going to be amazing fun!

this is the fishing stuff eric was so excited about and will start making our canada fishing trip (that we took back in may/june!) book after the holidays.

fishing stickers to go..

then there's pauls Marine book - you think i have enough projects going? - i need to give it to him next week at graduation.. and i'm NOT done yet! oh my oh my!

been wanting these punches for a while - they were 40% off at jo-anns and when there.. i had to splurg! makes things so much easyier!

ribbions! for fun and for the baby book.. this is fun stuff here people!

well i'll start posting finished projects soon! with all these new supplies.. i think they'll keep me busy for a while!