December 28, 2009

christmas table centerpeice

ok the holidays are over and i have 1 million new projects to talk about! all the gifts and layouts i've been working on - crafts and (drum roll please) the centerpiece for our christmas dinner table! i had fun making this - there was a lot to it.. but in the end completely worth it.. here's what i did.

i should mention macy (my sister in law) did help cut out all these flower petals! thanks macy!
first i determend the size of flower i wanted which was 6" so, i cut the largest flower petals (bottom layer of petals) 3" long so the finished flower would be 6" around.
then i/macy cut 6 each of all 3 sizes (per flower).

this is flower pre.. stickles glitter and pearl beads

turned out pretty good.. but for sure needed all the finishing touches!

then came the glitter - the funnest part - and the leaves i thought were much needed. i let them to dry on a cut open paper bag (from lush) :)

this is the stickles glitter i used.. love this stuff and have it in almost every color distressed and not!

after the glitter dried i poked a hole in the middle and drove these wired pearl beads (that where bought at michel's for a huge bunch for $5. and i use them all the time on "things" as accents.) down the center in clusters of 3. then attached a green wire to the back as a stem to hold the flower in the glass.

thought they turned out pretty good and i might make a couple little somethings to go with and display them in my scrapbook room as a full bouquet.

the green balls in the glass are styrofoam and where bought (a couple years ago) as a bunch of grape clusters at big lots. i normally put them in the christmas tree but this year they where being called for something else.

the center flower i thought needed a little more.. so i added a little pale green tulle cut into petals and dotted with glitter. note if you make these - be sure to dry the tulle on wax paper.. because it will stick to a paper bag!
thanks guys! and hope you try flowering too!!


  1. These are so awesome, Peg. Thanks for letting me help!! :)

  2. These are amazing. They would be so cute in PINK! Haha. Thanks for sharing... I'll keep them in mind.

  3. haha steph.. everything would look cute in pink!

    next time i make flowers i'm going to try all fabric or even textured paper.. we'll see.