December 6, 2009

hand cut fabric flowers

one of my latest favorite things is fabric in scrapbooking; it can be used in any way but a fun and easy way is hand cut flowers and over the thanksgiving holidays inbetween 2nd's and dear i say 3rds and beyound i cut flowers.
some Tulle fabric i thought would be a great layering flower.. add a huge button or even some jewles to the top layer!
here is some scrap leather and sueade i had from a differant project and some appholtery fabric left over from i don't even remember.. but i think it was cornice boards... and that would have been a good couple of years ago!

love the way a cheese cloth looks or just a simple muslin which by the way will hold dyes and inks really great!
they are super easy to make with any scrap of fabric if you have any flower shape just trace onto fabric with a pencil (on wrong side of fabric) with a dark fabric you should use either a white color pencil or a good trick is an old bar of soap that the edges have become "sharp" from so much usage.
trase out as many flowers as desired or fit onto the scrap and cut out with sharp fabric sissors! layer and use as your imagionation can create!

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