January 10, 2011

mother in law

i'm the luckiest bride to be! my mother in law doesn't fit any stereo type! she is the most amazing mother in law ever! or maybe we just get along so well cause she is so much like her son! anyhow she was here last week and what a blast we had together! we bonded in a way we haven't in the 5 years we've known each other.. maybe that's just what wedding planning does to 2 ladies.. or maybe we just clicked.. i'm inclined to think it was a little combo of both! she went way beyond with ideas, helpful hints encouragement and i even overheard her telling angela (the wedding planner) how much she loved me! it would have been really embarrassing.. if i didn't love it so much! hehe
thanks sheila for making such a special time in my life even more loving and memorable!
oh and john.. thanks for giving up sheila for a while!....

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