January 5, 2011

all new in 2011

this year was brought in with a total bang
1st off there was an open call for submissions for scrapbook trends 
the new cricut magazine - june/july issue! i sent 9 submissions!

1. kitchen canisters
2. colorful banner
3. labeled organizing boxes
4. baby vrocher layout
5. grandma layout
6. me and myself layout
7. sooo adorable layout
8. rambunctious layout
 9. school zone layout

i would have done more.. but i was so busy making 2 other minis ~
taking down xmas ~ drinking baileys and eggnog ~ building and setting up (with eric) our new entertainment center (from ikea) ~ sleeping in and having a great new year's party that i swear lasted for 2 days.. and many bottles .. :) what i'm i thinking.. i could have totally sent more in! wink wink!

most importantly though i've been designing our wedding invitations!
not quite ready for a reveal there.. but think i can leave ya with a sneak peek... nah.. i'll make ya wait a little longer! hehe..

have a good one!

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