January 23, 2011


there was no question as to what our main wedding flower was going to be 
its was hydreangea all the way
they are such a beautiful and romantic flower
and it doesn't hurt they are my sentimental and a personal favorite
maybe its cause we had them in our yard growing up
 or maybe its cause its the only flower i can't seem to kill.. not like i try to kill my flowers.. but seriously 
my brother rain over my periwinkle blue bush with his truck (thanks james...) and it bounced right back!
wow! now that's my kinda flower!

our faux hydrangeas are piling over in the quest room! 
here they are.. all 40 of them!

i can thank dockside for the $2.99 price
but i can't thank my mother in law enough for getting them! 
she's such a doll!
and they will always be sentimental to me for her generosity 
and well, cause they're going to be all over our wedding!
my plans for them after wedding?
the most gorgeous centerpiece/centerpieces you've ever seen!

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