January 24, 2011


after a long day ~ getting dinner ready wasn't on eric or i's "want to do" list
we ordered pizza while going over budget and wedding details 
and sitting at our new dinning room table! yay!
when the door bell rings
umm? who could that be...?
i opened the door while holding belle back by the collar
she was totally ready to jump this person interrupting her pizza crust treat!
but no one was there.. just a little box sitting on the doormat
ok? i wasn't expecting anything.. but it had my name on it.. i ripped it open 
while eric is telling me you need to "simmer down with all your online shopping"?
but eric... "i'm not expecting anything"? 

this is what it was...

scrapbook papers!

and not just any paper

WEDDING paper!
you can't tell me that's a coincidence

how beautiful!

eric went to look at the credit card balance online... "are you sure you didn't order that"?! 

the whole line of best creations new bridal line!
and they're double sided pages!


oh and that's not all.. no no.. it wasn't just wedding papers..

it was beach papers too!
are you kidding me?!

also double sided!

and the detailing is gorgeous!

really sparklie!  
whoever sent it - wherever it came from 

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