January 13, 2011

st patricks day chic

the other day i called a very well known (will remain nameless) craft store and asked the lady at the other
end what wedding/st patricks day/green ivory "stuff" they had in the store for my st patricks day wedding...
 her response... "well, everyone knows st patricks day is cheep plastic and corny so we won't have anything here to help you... but i'm sure you could find something online! good luck"... click!
with the exception of that lady everyone has been very helpful and i've gotten loads of ideas for our st paticks day wedding! but the funny thing is.. i did end up going to that store anyways.. this is what i found & bought..

 a whole trunk chock full o' stuff!

 this fabulous rose "ribbon"

2 yards of white large roses
all they had left

 5 yards of green roses
 (oh what a pretty ring)


stuffages.. for our engagement book i'm still working on... geez

ivory flowers!
 can't get enough of these!

 more bling! and its green!

 glitter bling!

 just cause... hey i couldn't help myself
love me some punky!

 fun stuff here people!

so there is always a silver lining at the end of a hopeful rainbow!
here's hoping your st patricks day is super chic!

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