January 8, 2010

supplies + sale = happiness

what is it about a sale that can't be refused? i mean a scrapbooking sale.. really??! does it get any better.. well, there is a down side, the closest scrapbooking store to my house is literally 5 minutes a away (scrap and sew) well, the store is doing so well in the sewing dept she needs more room.. and the only space to grow is.. the scrapbooking area!

so she's put all the scrapbooking supplies up for BIG SALE and won't be carrying them any more "until we need such a bigger place that we move and at that point i'll even hire you on the design team!" - so, its sad that i'm going to have to go 10 minutes to the closest store now.. but the obvious up side is the sale! i got 40% all these fab supplies!! yay for me! - i'm hoping that next month is 50% off.. maybe i'll stock up on all the paper she has left!! :)

the first exciting thing i got was all these fab stickers, rub-ons and journaling pads to coordinate with the junebug basic grey line.. i had all the paper and a sticker sheet.. but i could always use more!!

one of the most exciting things of the trip is this filing set! how great!! i've already used it several times! its fabulous!

can't tell you how many times i've wanted a corner punch latley.. so there it was sitting there.. 40% off.. now she's mine an i'm happy about that!

lets talk about what i LOVE for a minute... like we haven't been already.. but stay with me here.. the vintage findings by making memories.. yeah.. like the best stuff on earth! i mix them into whatever whenever and everything i can.. and some it doesn't work.. but i do it anyway cause that's me and i love them!
these buttons are the best ever i have soooo many jars of buttons its crazy (see pictures of scrapbook room at bottom of blog) there fun and easy to use and add SOO much to a page! yay! i'm happy!

two packages of finding pins not one.. two packages!! i have two already but i use so many of these things.. that they'll be awsome to have!! and the rustic threads.. did someone say yummy!?
well, i'm really excited about tomorrows post! i'm doing some super fun projects.. and my plan is to talk about it tomorrow!! so.. see you then - in the mean time try and stay warm.. its super uber cold out there!

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