January 5, 2010

its a scrapbooking christmas

every year eric gets me a little scrapbooking something for christmas - this year it was all about scrapbooking! yeah!! large and small sissors, flower punches and boy did i need both!

but the best thing is the new flat screen tv and entertainment system! yeah! now i can watch tv and movies while scrapbooking!
as you can see here its currently sitting on a card table - so the next thing is a cute little table that will of course also provide some extra storage underneath for ugly tools in baskets or perhapes finished books.
i'm excited about the hunt and really excited about watching some of my favorite movies while scrapping! can life be any better?
by the way i have already planned a antiquing adventure with my two mothers (mom and sheila -[mother in-law]) too look for such a table.. i'll clue you guys in on what the findings are.. if any.. but if not there.. somewhere perhapes a home goods - they have everything! i could use any excuess to go there!
does anyone have a good idea of what movies i should watch while scrapping?

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