January 22, 2010


in response to catalyst number ninety-seven: When in life have you felt most alone? from the blog

my response is the following:

inside of the envelope a tag says;

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This is the first project which I have participated.

“Catalyst Ninety-Seven
When in life have you felt most alone?”

When I was living & working in NYC I was young, ambitions and ready to learn the ways of the “world” but what I secretly longed for - was home.

Everyone was to busy in their own lives to “take time for the coffee” it was a cold and lonely time for me, but I learned what was really important and what I really wanted out of life - it wasn’t a big fancy job or the coolest apt in the city. I wanted friends and most of all - my own family.

I rediscovered my love for the small colorful things in life and that’s when my scrapbooking & paper arts really started taking off. It was a lonely time yes, but looking back it was also a time of reflection and personal growth.


  1. glad you came home, mom

  2. thanks mom, love you too! :)