January 15, 2010

inspiration for the next.... thing

it was a cold day like most have been lately and i needed some serious inspiration for my next project.. the wine and a warm bath were calling - luring me into their relaxing web of inspiration

no crazy pictures here.. trust me.. you don't want any!

the chosen vintage was an australian shiraz cabernet blend and was it wonderful, i recommend! um.. i might have finished the whole bottle...:) you can come up with some great projects drinking wine trust me.. i know!
the bath water was sooo calming and relaxing just the environment i needed
to create my next book/project!
if you've never tried a keri bath, i highly recommend! my doctor actually recommended it to me (years ago) for dry sensitive skin - especially in the winter when alligator skin comes creepy crawling in.. fight it girl friend! anyway, this stuff is great!

what's a relaxing bath without candles? i ask you!!

this was truly a great relaxing moment and boy did i come up with an amazing book!
but you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see what i did!

i'm soo excited about it! till then.


  1. Haha, awesome post!! Sometimes you just need some girl time. ;) (Though, Joe does take more bubble baths than I do. And he's proud of it.)

  2. hahah! that's joe! :)