January 6, 2010

all new in 2010 and i'm excited about it!

the holidays are clearly over and everyone is back to work but i don't want it all to end. somehow when we're all together its the best and wost of times but when its over its only sad. of course there is sooo much exciting stuff going on that i've decided to set my mind to all the new and exciting things that we are planning for in 2010!

this year there are so many things to accomplish big and small its going to be an exciting year of all new, starting with - eric and i are engaged! so 2010 starts off with planning to get hitched (the smaller the wedding the better - in my opinion) - note to self - finish designing and make engagement announcements!

after the whole hitched thing, we want a family... who knows how long that'll take but in the mean time i am pre-making all our 1st year baby books! little mini picture books, a huge baby book and a preggers journal to keep weekly of my food cravings, ultrasound pictures and the size of my belly so on and so on. there are tons of ideas and i'm so excited to start making all of them (some of which will be made with the cosmo cricket line - earth love).

this is the main paper and the one that i bought the most of (still need to buy more but since all scrapbook stores seem to have run out already i may have to buy more online)

this is the boarder paper and i love love love it! i love working with boarders in scrapbooking! they always look great and well, i don't know boarders are just my latest crave! so lots of these are happening!

a good classic strip is always a good thing! and the clover i thought was an awesome personal touch (our current anniversary is st. patricks day)

ok now this cloud paper to me.. is just asking to be used! how kickin cute! with the little flowers blowin around! i could see this painted on a nursery wall... um... getting ideas again... me likie!

the mushroom paper is to freakin cute!.. i mean lets be honest! everyone is going to love my baby book.. that's all there is so it... :)
ok - back to the story at hand...
growing up i always thought more about having a baby and the nursery then the stereotypical girl that dreams of a wedding gown and getting married.. i just wanted to have a kid or two.. and a really cool kickin nursery. all my planning and thoughts we're always a dr.seuss nursery NOT of course in those bright red and turquoise colors but pastel colors (like the ones above) so when i saw this line i thought it was the next best thing - now i'm completely torn on, do i dr, seuss or earth love the nursery? oh well, i have plenty of time for that!! ha ha!
well, that's what's planned for 2010 - but on top of all this, i want to do something for just for me (and you) i'm making a goal of posting more often - do i hear laughing...? no really, i didn't say everyday i'm being reasonable with myself.. but i started this whole blog thing as an outlet for friends to see what i'm scrapping and other scrappbookers to swap ideas and i want to expound on the idea of what i want with his blog to be.. me, my life and my creative stuff that i can't ever seem to get enough of!
hears to a great and full 2010!! go get-um babe!


  1. You are awesome and I'm excited for your engagement and future baby planning!! :) If you would blog more often that would be amazing!! Good luck in accomplishing all that's before you, Bek!!

  2. P.S. The Earth Love line is cute---but your Dr. Suess idea so fits your personality!! So--is there anyway you could maybe mix them? Do Dr. Suess--but include the cloudy sky motif on the wall or something....??

  3. macy, love your thoughts on combining the tow themes! yes, i do love the dr. seuss idea and think it fits me/my style and personality also.. the sky motif i like a lot.. and the colors i love love love love (got the idea... i love them a lot!)

    you know the dr seuss T-shirt i have it has those same pastel colors.. so yeah - i'm going to think more on combining these together and how it will all work... AND make since

    um.. i think i feel an ikea trip coming on!! yay!