January 7, 2010

getting belle

its hard to believe we've had belle for a year and a half now and i'm just getting to do a layout of when we picked her up at the airport! guess what i needed was the right paper to push me to the limit and boy did this do the trick! how cute is this paper!!

love this scottish plaid!

don't know if you can tell - but i use glossy accents on the bones in the paper to create a bubble 3-D effect.. turned out pretty well.. but its hard to capture with the camera.
well.. its a short post for the day - but then.. i posted so there ya go!


  1. Hi there! Belle is so precious, and I love your layout! I love double layouts, don't see too many anymore! Thanks for visiting my blog! The Paris line is available at their website for now (www.pariscreativity.com) It's supposed to hit stores around the world, but right, only Zellers in Canada has it. Thanks for asking about it! xOxO deb

  2. cool deb thanks for the info! i had heard rumours that she was a scrapbooker but didn't know she produced her own line.. i'll have to look into it!

    i love finding new scrap blogs and happened upon your on accident and am sooo glad i did!! love your stuff!

  3. It's a Belle Belle!!