January 30, 2010

cook book - cosmo cricket style

over the years i've collected 100's of recipes that have caught my eye.
once collected i then catagorize them in a labeled folder of whatever type of recipe it is.. and never use it. umm.. yeah - what's the point right?
so i thought i would assemble a recipe book for all those un-used recipes and get to cooking!
its a project long over due!

all finished and hanging on my "completed line"

up first is beverages. the 1st thing you normally order at a restaurant and the most important. Not sure if its my greek heritage or if its just me - but I really love eating & I believe the right beverage sets the mood for what the meal is going to be.

next - appitizers. (my 2nd favorite layout in the bunch)   

who doesn't love a soup & salad? they just go together!

side dishes

ohh the main dish - i'm thinking rack of lamb
or possibly a simple crab platter oh oh somebody stop me!

what's your favorite main dish?

my favorite layout - desserts! now we're talking (i'm getting hungry!)
my favorites are:
blueberry pie
& brownie pudding.. oh i was raised on that & it doesn't get any better!

bread - yes i make a lot of bread but i have to admit quick breads are my favorite (no yeast)
my favorites are:
banana chocolate chip 
 & zucchini

this is for everything that didn't fit into one of the above titles
there are all kinds of garnish ideas, sauces and so on that are fun to make and easy!

so there ya go - my recipe book in progress
now all i have to do is go through all those those files and organize the recipes into sheet protectors & into a 3 ring binder, add these and i've got myself some cookin to do!

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