February 2, 2010

how i layout a project

lately its been all about planning, preparing & laying out the next couple projects.
so, I thought I would bring you into my scrap world of how I plan a new project.

first things 1st.
I have to decide what projects need to be done and the priority of them.
the priority is based on how long ago I should have done the project and how many things I’ll have to buy or do to finish the project! - nothing like honesty right!

in this case there are many projects I should have already finished but I was very excited about getting started on christmas pictures & I had all the supplies = no shopping for them = inexpensive project! That’s always a good project for me!

the first obstacle I face with the christmas pictures are the mere quantity of christmas celebrations we have in our family. all the gifts exchanges (that we swear we’re never going to do the following year - “it just gets to expensive” but we always end up doing anyway) + the parties, hanging all the lights and decorations indoor and out.. The list doesn’t end.

this year however, I didn’t want to do 100 layouts or lots of individual mini books I wanted 1 large book of all the pictures, including the professional photography shoot (of the whole family) because paul (my marine brother) was home for the holidays

the final conclusion is:
scrap christmas
into a large book
with christmas paper & supplies I already have

the paper is cosmo cricket's be good

the tags

the boarders

main pattern paper

gorgeous! i love this one

love the antiqued coloring on this line.. a lot!

the green is so frail

this one makes me want a pepermint coffee at starbucks!

Once the supplies are chosen I can pick the size of the book and the styling. In order to do this I use the pictures as a guide to layout the book.

In this case, it’s going to be a structured book, clean accenting the pictures instead of all the embellishments

as always i layout my book with graph paper (much like i play d&d), page by page and mark the size of pictures & in the case tags and boarders are also marked.

now all that has to be done

Is the assembly process!

i'll be sure to most when i finsish of course!

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