February 18, 2010

help with my home work?!

There’s a dilemma which I could use some help
Ever since alex started school we’ve kept his school work he brings home here..

Here’s the dilemma (have you seen the basket?)

I want to organize & keep it..
Some of it is soooo cute, learning how to write & so on...

But I need ideas on how to store all this home work paper,
I don’t really want to scrap it all,
I thought of a three ring binder by grade & I could add as he goes thru school..
But I’m looking for something maybe a little more obtainable..

Ideas anyone?


  1. Goodness, I use the same darn baskets for my kids school stuff- so if you figure that out, lmk!! Oh, and thanks for the Big Lots tip for canvas! I'd have never thought to check there!!! xOxO

  2. oh funny! well, i'm going to have to put on my thinking cap with this one i think!

    its amazing the stuff i find at big lots - much like homegoods! love those kids of stores!