March 3, 2010

banner bonanza layout

a week or so ago i talked about a contest i entered @ "banner bonanza"
& posted a link so you could see the layout i entered.
however, there we're apparently 1200+ pages of layouts to look through.. so of course none of you saw my layout cause let's face it.. if i'm not going to look through all of them - i know you're not!
the problem was i couldn't post my layout anywhere else until the "competition" ended
but now it's over - here's my layout 

the banner was hand stitched from muslin & burlap
the letters sewn in with brown cross-stitching thread 

i don't always design a LO (layout) with so much symbolization but this one - it was fitting.

so here's what everything means:

the tree symbolizes the whole family & our family tree
the owl in the middle symbolizes the fact that we're all hoots...
just kidding... just thought he was cute.

the rolled back corner with the EGA symbol -
symbolizes the fact that everyone might not know we have a marine in the family
(who was just promoted yesterday.. not that i'm bragging or anything)
but we are proud of him & sometimes that spills out into our lives

the 3 wallet sized pictures (all the same) are of paul's graduation from the USMC at parris island

this is what "it" says - in my terrible handwriting... mom NO analyzing!


  1. Oh Rebekah, this is just unbelievable! First, I want you to know how appreciateive I am of the service your family gives to our country. And this layout, it's gorgeous! The details are amazing, especially on that banner. What a nice job! And your journaling, very touching- and your handwriting isn't terrible! xOxO

  2. oh Deb aren't you a sweetie! thank you so much! i do love the way the abstract tree turned out..
    has far as Paul we are very proud of him and all LOVE supporting him in every way possible! even if that's him leaving his motorcycle in our garage!

  3. Bonjour Rebekah!

    Thank you for coming to visit with me! You know dear Deb...she is remarkable! And your work is wonderful as well! I am just getting into binding my own books and stories and scrapbooking has much to offer me in terms of embellishments and ideas! Thank you for your kind words!

    Have a great day and do come back! Anita