March 26, 2010

drum roll please! its announcment time!

its here! time to announce what all the fuss has been about and
why i've been so absent with my postings.

not to be to dramatic or anything.. (although a little drama can't hurt anyone!)..
can i get a drum roll please...!!?

i'm up on etsy

i'm going to be saleing - mini books

really small ones

some a little bigger

very limited edition kits - with the most fabulous embellishments..

and scraped journals..

also, wait for it.....

i'm up on Facebook!
(colorful scrapbooker - is my name)

so to celebrate all things new and fabulous - i'm doing a giveaway!! yay!

a hand made (by me of course) music chandelier

isn't it lovely!?
i will also start saleing chandelier kits on etsy - with different ribbon and size choices 
(at least that's the plan now)
but ya'll are getting the first one! i don't even have one for my room yet!
ok to get on with it..
there are lots of ways to enter for this giveaway...

check it out

1st - check out my etsy account and if you likey..
heart me as one of your favorites
2nd - friend me on facebook
3rd - follow my blog :) if you aren't already a follower.. ♥ ya'll
4th - write about all these fun happening on your own blog
5th - make a comment here.. telling me what you think about my etsy account. the giveaway, and whatever else you want.. or did to enter!!!

not to bad right?!

good luck and hope i see ya'll around soon!


  1. I am a fallower... Love your etsy store ( I hearted you!) And I think this giveaway is so cute! I can just see it in my room now!
    SO that should = 3 :)

  2. Well a HUGE congrats to you on your etsy store! It's fabulous!!!
    I wish you MUCH success! I'm on my way to add youon Facebook right now!!!!