March 14, 2010

the angles sang and the fibers fell from the heavens!

Do you ever get one of those moments where you’re so excited you’re not sure what to do? Clap, laugh, cry or jump up and down and hug the first person you see maybe a little longer or harder then you should. Well, I had one of those moments yesterday when I stopped in a store that I’ve been wanting to stop in for such a long time - I can’t remember since when.

Fine Yarn and Fibers Inc,.

It was on a whim, I just pulled in and opened the front door - I instantly heard angels sing, I was 5 pounds lighter on my feet and my face still hurts from all the smiling.. I told Rosalind the sales lady/owner that I was jumping up and down on the inside.

Anyway long story short.. I got a couple different fibers and some of the most amazing buttons I’ve ever seen “their European buttons” Rosalind informed me.. I said “oh I must come back. Even if its just to gaze at these gorgeous puppies!”

Here are my new treasures!

can't loose with a good neutral

this is an amazing color palette -  it will inspire many summer layouts!

this one goes perfectly with the basic grey line indian summer

as much as i love silver i use this gold/yellow color all the time.. always running out of this color of any sort of embelishment..

a feathery white - super cute!

the whole bunch of fibers wrapped on vintage spools

and for the lit'l things that have my face still hurting from smiling the piece l’ resistance - the must amazing buttons you've ever seen! 

the picture really doesn't capture the size  very well, but the brown one is about 3" and the other just a lit'l smaller.. i'm so excited to use them on a project! but for now their going to sit in my "new embelishments" bin.. until just the right idea come along..

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