March 6, 2010

fall festival mini

my latest mini has been a work in progress.. and i'm so excited to have finally finished!

alex in the maize

at the circus

with both my mom's

love the little flower on the "F".. can you see it?.... its a pale pink.. soooo cute!

love the chipboard on this collection - with bling.. its even better!


who doesn't love EMU's? there right up there with Llamas!
and the whole bikes in a cage thing... yeah.. that doesn't really seem safe... think i'll stick with scrapping!

father & son in the maize

the market - love the jams they have in there every year!

me with mom
joe with mom

love these little corner chips

dog on a stick - i laughed at this for at least 10 mins!
then bought one... with mustard... sooo yummy!

mom took this picture of alex and i love it!
front tooth missing - and just before christmas! how perfect!

isn't this true!? it seems like just last year he was starting school
now he's getting ready for 3rd grade this year!

family shot in the pumpkin patch

my sister n' law and me carrying our mini pumpkins of choice

loved this cardboard cutout of this guy wearing and apron
we named him Pacha (like in the movie the emporer's new grove)
and referred back to him pretty much all day

joe doing his classic conquer pose

carring the large pumpkin home...
can't wait to carve her!

love these metal flowers!

the end.

hunsader farms 2009
what fun that was!


  1. Rebekah!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my anniversary blog! And your scrapbooking skills are AMAZING! I am learning to bind and craft my own books, using my own stories and illustrations, and I am having so much fun! Your work is an inspiration. Thanks again for coming by and please, come anytime. Anita

  2. anita, i would love to learn & see more about your book binding! i haven't seen any pictures or posts about it but i will for sure keep checcking in on your blog i love all your thoughts, pictures and writings!

  3. Wow this turned out super cute, Peg!

  4. What a treasure you've created! When I see things like this, I thing of years from now, when a child is rifling through a memory box and comes across this mini album. Can you imagine the joy of their face?? The story of the "Fall Festival" will come alive with all that texture and color! You truly have a gift!

  5. thank you everyone! it's always nice when someone else likes what i make! its so rewarding! i love all the outlooks that ya'll have to share - and i hope my lit'l scrapped tresures are enjoyed for years to come! its really one of the reasons i love this hobby!

  6. the most creative fun I've had in a long time--thanks for loving to scrap!