March 24, 2010

michelle's email - pamela's giveaways & my "big" announcement... date

this morning i was doing my usual  cappuccino and check out the internet thingy.. and i got an email from michelle (thanks - what a way super nice surprise and thing of you.. sending tips and hints.. lord knows i need all the help i can get!) anyway, she gave me the MOST amazing link.. for calls and giveaways!

through some of my own investigations i ran a crossed pamela's blog which now i'm so excited about! she is doing a WEEK LONG marathon of giveaways and you just simply have to go check it out! today's is jillibean (ya'll know me and my jillibean) stamps, & mondays giveaway was a scarlet lime kit!! oh oh oh! how excited could one be to win that puppy!

ok, ok.. i'm ok.. breathing slower now... :) but seriously go check it out and come back here tomorrow for my " big" announcment!.. mabe they're be a giveaway involved with that too... ummm? got ya thinkin now hey?


  1. ♥ this heart? i don't know how to make it either lol. i just highlighted, copied, and pasted it from someone else and now i use it all the time!

    i didn't know you were blogging!

    <--- new follower!

  2. thanks! i'm going to copy it too! love it!