February 11, 2010

my new eiffel tower

hanging out with my bro joe & his wife macy the other day
& as we finish up a great encounter of D&D he says
“oh I have something for you”
as we’re packing up to leave, he walks out of the room and walks back in with this...

the most awesome eiffel tower!

joe - "i made it for you about a year ago, didn't think it turned out good
so i never gave it to you..."

me (scretching) "OMG this is amaaazing!" (now flailing my arms and hands about) "i'm so excited! this is perfect! what could you not love about this...? i'm going to add a little ribbon and its going to be perfect in my desperately in need of an effiel tower scrap room! ohhhhh yeah!! this is awesome"

added ribbon in the same colors of my room decor

a little fleur at the bottom

& a big flower at the top!

this is amazing guys! i loooooove it thanks!
hug & (as joe & macy would say) lub


  1. oh la la!!!
    now this is amazing! I love it!!!! What a sweet brother, can he make me one! lol ;)
    xOxO deb

  2. He is so gifted!! I love the backlighting of the candle~ perfect!

  3. thanks gals! i do love it!!

    oh and tamy its acctually not a candle at all its a tiny light - i got at ikea when shopping with macy! just had to have it!!