February 8, 2010

60% off!!!

I know I know.. The last thing I needed was more stuff! But when its 60% off!! It can’t be resisted! So I stocked up on paper and that’s something I can’t scrap without! So here’s my latest supply shopping spree.

this was the real reason i went to the scrap store. 3.00 and i could have been out of there...
i was right in the middle of a project when i needed gold stickles and some wood paper.. i was thinking of the cosmo cricket, nutmeg line.. but they didn't have that.. so i went to another store and ended up getting.... all of the following!  

most of it paper - but also got these amazing chipboard flurs and pins

upclose on the clothes pins

the other side of the chip board - letters i can use on the current mini i'm making!

some more indian summer from basic grey.. yummy!

just loved these - no idea what i'm gong to use them for - maybe in a baby book

more christmas stuff! this album is coming along great! can't wait to see what ya'll think about it!

more boarders

more paper for my family album - its designed now - but i haven't started putting it together - don't have all the pictures yet.. + its going to be a pretty big project! so i'll put it off for a little while. but i do love this collection sooo much!

more paper i have no idea what to do with, but i really don't have anything quite like it.. so thought it would be a smart addition

don't have any idea how this ended up in the pile of things i got its just the one sheet! don't remember getting it - oh well, maybe i should go back and get something to go with it..

love love love this line - pretty much adore anything and everything basic grey!

letters to go with - but i'll use them on anything - there are great!

more basic grey lovein this line up and down!

letters to go with

this is a websters page and i don't have very many of these - so if there's any left when i go back i'll prob get the rest of whatever they have left

all the solids i got there are 4 of everything - except for some of the browns, black & grey i got 8!

all the paper together!

now that was a shopping spree a 100 worth of stuff for 40.!!
yeah i want to get more!!

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  1. Yeah! that's my kind of gal! 60% off is what a I call a sale! go for it! :))