January 11, 2010

1 million things - but all funner

today i have 1 million errons to run and no time to blog! but the up side is there all fun errons! 2 gift cards one to scraptopia and the other to old navy.. who wants to bet that i don't stay with-in my budget at both stores! i'm also planning a run-by at home goods so that will take at least an hour.. ya know a quick trip.. love that store!

with all this dry weather i need a pedicure like you wouldn't believe - my feet are dry and crack-a-dackalin! so that'll probably be my first stop oh and i forgot i'm also stopping by our community clubhouse cause they offer yoga and palates and boy do i need to start that up again! i plan on taking it about once a week to start then maybe just a couple times a month and progress into doing more and more at the house instead of the clubhouse. i'd like to get back to the point of doing it 3-5 times a week. i already have my own yoga mat and weights i just need a little motivation to get started. the thing for me is if i'm paying for it i'll work twice as hard -weird i know - but that's me so, there ya go lots to do but the most of it fun.

have my thermos of coffee (its uber cold out there!) and a cute little BCBG sweater on and i'll postabout laterhosen!

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